Draven Star

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 11, 2011

Get your heads around this shoot suckers! With fire works and horn blasts, i am thoroughly pleased to unleash  “The Ultimate Ball Buster” featuring a VERY special appearance by Adult Film Scarlett and insanely sexy Miss Draven Star. You may remember her from burning angels, doom doll or your ultimate fantasies.   Photography by Jim Fredlund of Casablanca Lightwerks.com, who has to be one of the chillest dudes i am yet to meet, ever.

And just a side note, i have been getting a bit of flack for the HST girl section of the page, and i just want the questioners  to know that this shit is NEVER going to stop. As long as we have brilliantly intelligent, open, strong willed and entertaining woman ready to represent the more beautiful side of free speech and independence, HST will be here backing em up till the bitter end.  And for fucks sake – its DRAVEN STAR man… im, like, pretty much internet famous now.


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