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by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 10, 2013



Are you one of those Aussies who just can’t help supporting the full-sale export of your own special brand of homegrown, Down Under perversion? Perhaps you’re one of those disloyal Americans who can’t help but get behind anything arising overseas, provided it doesn’t attract the attention of the DHS? Or perhaps you’re simply some weirdo from one of the other 194 countries on this planet, and you’re just looking for a little trouble/dirty action to get into? Well, look no further — Ben John Smith, editor in chief of Horror Sleaze Trash, is working on a movie, and he needs your help!

Basically, what he really needs is a whole bunch of us to yell at him real LOUD, loud enough so he gets up off of his lazy Aussie arse and finally completes this masterpiece of a film that’s already been far too long in the making. There will be nudity! There will be tasteless and disgusting acts of performance art! There may even be some poetry involved! Yes, Ben John Smith wrote an amazing collection of poetry. Don’t believe me? Click here to be proven wrong!

Spanning the depths of horror, the boundaries of sleaze, and the bottom of trash, Horror Sleaze Trash is now available in paperback from Rooster Republic Press. The Kindle download is even cheaper, but still not half as cheap as the thrills to be found within….

Surely by now you’re thinking “Okay, there’s really no film being made, this is all just some stunt to sell books, this guy is a fucking asshole,” but there are previews here and here! While you’re at it, watch BJS in action here and here! The man may be a certified lunatic, but he needs some motivation, folks — What do you say we give it to him?


So, here’s what I propose — If you like what you’ve seen on the Horror Sleaze Trash website, in the Horror Sleaze Trash book, or any of the video links here included, then all you need to do is like this post! Once we hit 100 likes, I will send our petition to BJS himself, and I will tell him “listen, fucker, the people have SPOKEN!!!” With your help, I will personally bring about the kind of change Barack Obama could only dream of while staring into the tattooed tits of his favorite stripper at his favorite DC strip club.


Notify your Goodreads friends! Post this shit on Facebook! Go tell it on the fucking mountain, y’all! We will get this film made, my friends — now let’s get to work.

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