Arlen Hogarth

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 24, 2013

 Arlen Hogarth Bio pic

Arlen Hogarth is- oh felch, he’s an artist and a writer, and a newly-formed feminist and is still a masochist pervert. He’s not nearly as clever as he thinks he is, and he knows that for a fact. His favorite things are women over 100 feet tall, insects, cartoons, and being secretly drunk at public gatherings. When he’s not being a bubbling drunken fool he’s a cowering introvert. You can ask him anything you want and he’ll probably answer you truthfully because truths are more thrilling than lies. Someone once pestered him asking if his mom was domineering. He couldn’t stop laughing. He creates in any medium if he thinks it might provoke some emotion in somebody who sees it. If you put something edible in front of him he will consume it. Be warned.

Find all his art and writing at and delve deeper for secrets if you’re a curious cat.
You can also catch updates and see all the things that make him go “haha wow” at


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