Because Eileen ~ Chantelle Thong ~ Jess Abby ~ REBEL REBEL

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 22, 2016

Black and White 35mm: 

Because Eileen|

35mm has taken over my life. I love the textures, flaws, and dimensions film enables an image to embody. I wish I could let go of all my responsibilities and just shoot unique, hot models like Chantelle (featured in this ‘Rebel, Rebel’ series). The three of us genuinely enjoy being in each others company and have shot some truly beautiful work together. 

Colour 35mm:

Jess Abby

Predominately a wedding photographer I am drawn to keep pushing my own boundaries on mood, style and composition. Side projects like this one beg for no forgiveness with every flaw flourishing into a perfection. I find 35mm magical with each individual film and camera coming together to create their own fascinating results. 


Chantelle Thong

Chantelle is a passionate realistic black and grey artist specialising in portraiture. Her work displays alluring custom designed pieces with a sense of mystery and an underlying haunting romance. Chantelle is based at Empire Tattoo Studio in Prahran. Empire is a private studio. Contact: with any inquiries. 



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