Bird and Girl

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 5, 2012

BIRD and GIRL is a dark comedy, horror graphic novel that chronicles the experiences of an imaginative, foul-mouthed thirteen year old girl. On the surface, GIRL’s life appears ordinary: she attends middle school and resides comfortably in a middle-class setting with supportive parents. Yet when GIRL’s twin brother, BOY, tragically dies, her psychological reaction taps a reservoir of inherent energy enabling her to wield extraordinary psychic power. Accompanying GIRL on her adventures through nightmarish, fantastical realms is her companion BIRD – a menacing yet endearing psychological construct through which GIRL exercises violent impulses to cope with the bizarre worlds that she inhabits.

In “Thunder Home for the Hellderly,” BIRD and GIRL combat rabid zombies, elude demonic centaurs drawing and quartering tennis celebrities on the shores of hell, perform surgery on a damned soul in an infernal hospital, make arts and crafts, and pay a visit to GRANDPA.  Created by fiction writer Dominick DiFalco and fine artist Joshua Taylor, BIRD and GIRL: “Thunder Home for the Hellderly” presents an absurd, violent world where anything imaginable can happen.

Keep an eye out in future cause HST got lucky enough to feature some of the Dominick DiFalco and Joshua Taylor madness in the up and comic collaboration.  Still plenty of time to get your work in!

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