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by Ian on December 10, 2010

Chas Ray Krider is a modern man trapped in a post modern world.

His work is a time warp with references to twentieth century art – from the metaphysical paintings of de Chirico and the Surrealists, through classic film noir, to the undertow of Lynchian dreamscapes.

On the surface, his photographs may appear to be retro. But Chas Ray is not attempting to recreate what went before, nor does he revel in a sensibility that verges on camp. Chas Ray is dragging what he loves about the past into the present, so it may live and linger a while longer. While referencing the historical his imagery is utterly contemporary. The Chas Ray time warp is complete and absolute.

When viewed as a whole, Chas Ray’s body of work presents a non linear narrative that suggests a story of love, lust and desire – the human condition. The women who inhabit his vision of the world are most often seen to be in a predicament – the existential dilemma. Are the women he shows us victims or willing participants? It is this ambiguity that gives Chas Ray’s photographs their power to evoke feelings of uneasiness and unsettled, nervous tension. His images either attract or repulse, or attract and repulse.

This is the essential element of Chas Ray’s work. His worldview is one of simultaneous attraction and repulsion. It is this duality that Chas Ray’s visual time warp attempts to reconcile.

Carlos Messer, 2010
Vancouver, Canada

Chas Ray Krider is widely published including two solo books, Motel Fetish by Taschen, and Do Not Disturb by La Musardine. Additional work maybe seen online at: and

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