DDOTHS Promo #1.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 16, 2013

DDOTHS Promo #1 from Larry Boxshall on Vimeo.

My greatest pleasure this entire year is to announce that the secret documentary my two very good friends have been squirreling away at is finally up and at ’em.  Mr Larry Boxshall  and Mr Paul Commisso offer their specialties to the seriously amazing tale of modern art meets social media, much reminiscent to the Billboard liberation moment of the 80’s
—This is the story behind the greatest movement in art seen in decades. It started here in Melbourne, Australia. In only a few short months, it has fast taken the world by storm with its unique sensibility, universal themes and easy access for experienced artists and casual amateurs alike.


Directed by Larry Boxshall
Produced by Paul Commisso and Larry Boxshall
Director Of Photography/Editor Paul Commisso
Music by Cameron Toll & Ash Wren
Sound mixed by Barry Kerr of Studio 24 Hundred
Special thanks to Ben John Smith, Jonathan Edward Guthmann, Mishka Guthmann
Extra special thanks to Dylan and Jeremy – we are telling your story.

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