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by horrorsleazetrash on September 25, 2010

Deanna Deadly is the real deal. From Fetish to Horror Show, the leather clad vixen approaches all styles with a balls to the wall attitude.  HST had the pleasure of an interview.

Find out more about this damn fine damsel here, here or here.

HST: You seem able to display a wide range of characters and styles. From the bondage shots to the high end nude fashions. Is there a genre you prefer? Do any of the diversities in the shoots represent you better as a person?

DD: I really like shooting horror. Im a classic horror nerd! But I am really picky about who I shoot horror with. Fetish work is what I shoot most often and Its a huge genre and you can do a lot of different concepts and styles with it so its never boring and I really do love it! Everything I shoot is an extension of myself in some way.

HST: How do you feel about the internet as not only a marketable tool for your genre, but also in general? It interest me only because i feel the internet has become such a large part of out life’s almost with out us actually even realizing it. Would you agree? Are you a web head, or is it strictly for buisness?

DD: If the internet didn’t exist or It wasnt as important as it is now I probably wouldnt be able to make a living being a model and I love my job! The internet is one of those things that I have a love/hate relationship with and Im sure a lot of other people do too. I think it has become a huge influence in everyones life and your right, Most people dont realize it and dont appreciate other things in life as much as they should. I am on the internet too much but Im
always promoting myself or booking jobs so Its mostly for business.

HST: On that point, we have a freedom now we never really used to enjoy. A more isolated experience with our inner passions and sexual desires. With the aid of the internet we have a hugely vast array of sources for carnal enjoyment. But there has to be a level, right? a bench mark between what is beautifully artistic and sensual and what could be simply classed as base line sleaze. Is there a moral stand point? or perhaps beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

DD: There is a lot of stuff on the internet that I dont care to see but someone else does, Just like all the types of fetishes. I like what I like, someone else might like something different. As long as someone doesn’t push views and opinions on me and what they are doing does not hurt me, I dont really have a problem with it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! What I see as art might be porn to someone else and vice versa!

HST: You have worked with Bizarre magazine as a vixen. We here at HST are massive fans of that god damn press, what was that like? Was it as surreal as i could have imagined?

DD: Well I only had a small image in the magazine about a year ago so I dont really have much to say on that subject, It was defenently cool at the time but…Ask me again when I get on the cover of Bizarre! 😉

HST: Any favorites in the line of photographers? You have worked with over 100 in your short time as a alt model, all at the age of 21, thats quite impressive.

DD: Ive probably worked with closer to 200 now but I know girls who have worked with far more, I try not to burn myself out! Ive been lucky enough to work with some really amazing photographers and can now say many of them are my friends. I feel like Id have to list quite a many if I was to go naming names 😉


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