Death Of A Scenester Launch

by Horror Sleaze Trash on November 17, 2011

“Melbourne zournal Death of a Scenester and low-brow hot shots Horror Sleaze Trash teamed up to put on a bloody show at DOAS’ ANIMAL launch.

HST descended upon the converted funeral parlour in Preston with pigs heads, blue paint and a hot mama for a  live photo shoot. DOAS’ Issue 4 authors joined in later for their glam shots, some more willing to fondle pigs heads than others.

Trashy treasure? You decide. All we know is we got some pretty great reactions—scowls, smiles and a lickety tongue or two—AND we had a helluva time.”

~ Shalini Kunahlan, Editor DOAS.

“Below are the flicks from the nights debauchery, featuring the ever beautiful lass Kelly Jane Storey (Kellys Tumblr); snapped up perfectly by resident creep and all round good guy Benny Hellwig.

Massive love to the Contributors, Editors, Organizers and Attendees of the night, Death Of A Scenester, i hope this is the start of a very beautiful and long term friendship, Nawwww, cute!

Await with great enthusiasm the film footage from the night by the very talented, and good friend of mine, Matt Mclennan”

~ Ben Smith, Ian Shearer, Rich Wink and all the HST family

Special thanks to the incredibly talented Rogue Abby Twom RoxaBilly for her mad make-up stylings and goo generation.

Bellow are some of the shots with DOAS issue 4:animals contributing artists and party guests.


Nina Mansfield and Dan Christie

Katie Scott

Thomas Blatchford and Conal Thwaite

Kelly Jane Storey

Ben John Smith and Anthony Graham

Jessica Smith (my pommy sister) Ben John Smith and my better half, the always lovley, D’Arne Jamieson

Mad Man Matt Myers (from Visual Distortion) and me (…again)

My brother Benny Hellwig and a drunk me (..again, im sorry)

Sean Gleeson and super talented local painter Keelan Ashton-Bell

A very drunk pair, Me and my mate, comic and art extraordinaire Jase Harper

The hostest with the mostest Shalini and me bumping uglies!

Me… Again… hmmm.

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