Evil On My Mind from Marc Blackie

by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 11, 2014

Evil On My Mind from Marc Blackie on Vimeo.

“I have a long standing and unhealthy obsession with the music of Michael J Sheehey and his former project Dream City Film Club, so it was quite the treat for me to be asked to direct a video for his most recent musical venture, Miraculous Mule.

Shot over one morning last year in a bar and a murky basement, with a vengeful hangover as muse and what I am sure was a near fatal intake of caffeine to lubricate my artistic intentions, the uncharacteristic absence of the crutch of female nudity was an interesting prospect for me.” ~ Marc Blackie

VIDEO LINK: https://vimeo.com/65127667

Of the song, Michael writes: “I wrote the words after reading a story in the newspaper about a man in Italy who ripped his eyes out in church while the priest read Matthew’s gospel 5:29 where Jesus urges his followers to ‘gouge out your right eye and throw it to the flames if it causes you to stray’, and I got to thinking what could have troubled this man. The song is less about the darkness we exude through committing wicked deeds but the darkness we keep hidden, the evil that we hope never rises to the surface.”

Miraculous Mule’s debut album, Deep Fried, is available on Bronze Rat Records.

Miraculous Mule: http://www.miraculousmule.com Marc Blackie: www.disappointedvirginity.com

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