by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 7, 2013


Look,i KNOW its taken forever and i KNOW its been a god damn hustle but baby, i NEVER expected the response we received.  This bad mother fucker has over 150 pages, colour center spreads, some of the nicest mother fuckers in the low brow game rocking wild pages.  Fuck You Pay Me is an absolute monster.

belive me, we tried to make it in the free “Chap” Style product but there was now way this sucker could be housed cheaply. Saying that, I had to get the suckers at LULU to control the hard copy side of things, there was no way HST (a not profit company, for those that think differently. Every thing is at cost, personaly i make zero cents (aside from “Dancing Naked on Bukowski’s grave” – that makes us 1 dollar every sale.))

Its fucking worth it, i have my copy and i want to blow jizz on it. Like, All over it.

But as promised, the online version is available in all its downloadable, viewable and printable glory here.

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