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by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 26, 2011


Hollowave members are from the french countryside but their music has a really urban style. They use electronic beats and synth sounds to make a complex, melancholic and hypnotic music.

Hollowave was born in 2006 but the roots of the band come from 1995 when Jean-Michel met Miloud in a design school. When they discovered techno music, they wished to make their own music. In 1999, with their first computer and their first music software, they began to create some tunes.  Later, Jean-Michel met Alain at work. Alain is a writer but he always wished to make music. His first experience was to sing in a pop-rock band as a student.  Finally, Jean-Michel met Fabrice in a night club. Fabrice likes romantic symphony and he learned to sing by listening New Wave music.

Then, in 2006, Hollowave was born.

After they composed a lot of tracks, they launched Hollowave’s website to make it available for streaming. On the internet, they met some other producers. They collaborated together to make some remix. Recently, they launched Hollowave Productions and they began to play live music at festivals.

In addition to music, the members of the band master several art and graphic domains such as photography, illustration, graphic design, video, webdesign, plastic art, writing… Thus, they can use these skills to make a comprehensive artistic work. As a matter of fact, they produce their own videoclips.

And now, Hollowave is ready to fly towards new musical adventures.

Visit their sit here – Hollowave

Hollowave – Even if you knew (Live Version)
Uploaded by Hollowave. – Explore more music videos.

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