I Am Devine.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 23, 2011

“Divine was my close friend and fearless muse. Who else could convincingly turn from teenage delinquent to mugger, prostitute, unwed mother, child abuser, fashion model, nightclub entertainer, murderess, and jailbird? All in the same movie? That’s why I am giving my full blessing to a new documentary feature film, I AM DIVINE, to be directed by award-winning filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz.” — John Waters

Hello, moviegoers!

We are beyond excited to present to you a brand new documentary about the most beautiful woman in the world…the filthiest person alive…the legendary, the outrageous, the one and only … DIVINE!

I AM DIVINE will be a definitive biographical portrait of Harris Glenn Milstead, aka Divine, and will honor him in just the way he always craved – as a serious artist and immortal star. We’ll tell Divine’s entire story, from his early days as a misfit youth in Baltimore through his rise to infamy as a cult superstar. Like the characters he portrayed in numerous films, Divine was the ultimate outsider. He transformed himself from a bullied schoolyard fat kid to a larger than life personality and underdog royalty as his alter-ego Divine. Divine stood up for millions of gay men and women, female impersonators, punk rockers, the ample figured, and countless other socially ostracized people. With a completely committed in-your-face style, he blurred the line between performer and personality and revolutionized pop culture.

As outrageous and fun as its subject, I AM DIVINE will combine movie clips, rare home movies and photos, television appearances and live performance footage with brand new interviews with John Waters, Ricki Lake, Mink Stole, Tab Hunter, Holly Woodlawn, Michael Musto, Bruce Vilanch, mother Frances Milstead (who provided her final interview just months before she passed away), and many more of Divine’s family, friends, colleagues, and devotees. Producer / Director Jeffrey Schwarz is the award-winning filmmaker behind SPINE TINGLER! THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY, WRANGLER: ANATOMY OF AN ICON, and VITO – as well as a devoted fan of Divine.

We’ve been able to come this far and shoot the majority of our interviews, but in order to make this film BY and FOR Divine’s fans a reality, we need your help. We need to raise at least $100,000 to pay for editing, music, archival footage, graphics, and plenty of LIQUID EYELINER in time to unleash this movie on an unsuspecting world next year. Your generous donation will go directly to honoring the work of one of the truly immortal stars of our time, and expose the reigning queen of sleaze to a new generation!

Besides the joy that giving to I AM DIVINE will bring to your black little hearts, we’re offering fabulous incentives at each donation level that we hope will make you feel more Divine-ly inspired. So please, pull out that credit card and help us thrust Divine back into the spotlight. Thanks to IndieGoGo’s easy-to-use system, it’s easier than mailing us a bowel movement!


From the gutter,

P.S. If you have any questions or would like to contact us directly, please email us at: iamdivinemovie@gmail.com. If you’re interested in making a donation at one of the producer levels, we highly recommend you contact us first to discuss alternate payment options that may allow your contribution to be tax-deductible.

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