by Horror Sleaze Trash on November 25, 2016


Gutfish from Paul Commisso on Vimeo.

The full three part series of the film is finished and we are proud to say, while we didnt make a Melbourne festival, we did make the Experimental Edge Film & Art Festival in Tallahassee. So with out holding on another year to push through the film circuit again, we are sharing the full 3 part film as a whole on social medias!

Fucking pumped to share it – would love to know what you guys think. Massive love to all the people who supported the film through the Kickstarter. Much love to all the crew, our partners and the general legends who rally around to show love and support the little dudes having a crack at putting together short films. Enjoy!

This film is a autobiographical story of me ridding my self of my wild man ways (http://www.horrorsleazetrash.com/hst-girls/) in the anticipation of becoming married to my wife and subsequently – the birth of my now 4 month old baby boy. It deals with the anxiety of becoming a reliable husband and the responsibility i am now faced with as a father. It was written when i first found out my wife was pregnant.

This film was inspired by a story a read in National Geographic, in which the article out lines that if a frog is thrown into a pan of boiling water, it will jump out immediately; however if the frog is in the water initially and then the water is heated up to boiling water it will stay in the pan and eventually cook its self to death.





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