Introducing, Miss Andy Cupcakes.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 5, 2011

Boobs, balaclava clad bandits and a fucking hot red head kicking some ass in the kitchen, baby!  Miss Andy Cupcakes is the newest Horror Sleaze And Trash girl and she screams into the mix with scorching prowess.  This cider swigging angel is as fun as she is a honey, and could probably beat most of your asses with a high kick from a stiletto heel bigger than your dick.  Its bright, its fun and its CUPCAKES!

Big thanks to  Rebecca and Trev and for letting two total strangers turn there kitchen up side down, hope the neighbors don’t think any less of you.

Much Much Much love to the brilliantly beautiful Miss Andy Cupcakes.

A round of applause to the super talented, cupcake dodging, camera man Michael Christian. See more of his works here, and here.

Also like to thank D’Arne Jamieson and my little sister for helping me make the cupcakes and all levels of assorted madness, that im sure you dont need to put up with.

Introducing, Miss Andy Cupcakes!

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