Introducing Miss Minnie Mason

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 5, 2013


We dont like to do things n halves here at HST. If its going to be done, it has do be done properlly, not rightly, but properly.  The new visual feast is a culmination of many things. Its Geek-Chic come bling and gangster Zeff shit. LOOK AT ALL OUR SHIIET, we got, motherfucking, Bearded Dragons, kitty cats named Banksey and Be-Bop. We go Sonic fucking the hedge hog on the Mega Drive Masters Series. We got 5 foot bongs and Elvis chess sets.

The Evil mad man returns, Viktor Karkas from Cocoon Juice brings out the brilliance for this set.

Our Beautiful and fun model Miss Minnie Mason was a stand up bird, absolute champion and available for photo sets as we speak!

Featuring my brother, Mr Weedy Mc Gigglewiggle, Available for children party’s and corporate events in your local areas 😉

Stay tuned for more madness in the mix very soon, believe me; this year will be springbreak, baby; springbreak forevvvver.


Introducing Miss Mini Mason . com

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