Introducing, Mr Manx And Miss Alyssa.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 14, 2013


Whelp, trying to explain any rational narrative to this collection may seem straight forward after the initial viewing, but trying to explain why, or where, or how… I’m leaving that to the board.  As always HST cannot feel any more warm in their tummy to be working with such creative people like Boss Photographer, all round nice guy but one of the most deeply creep ingrained men i have ever had the pleasure to suck custard from the beard of, Mr Michael Christian ( and his amazingly lovely creep in company Miss Sylv. What a team, what a pair. What a brilliant farewell to the Gypsy cave. The true genius and brains behind all this madness and narrative was Mikes brain child, we are massively jelly over his genuine commitment to the creepery.  Even though, strangely enough, this didn’t feel all that creepy for us at all… Which made HST worry where and how we can hit a creep line that does make us dirty under the skin.

The pair ballsey enough to done the latex and get old and strange are the wonderfully talented and straight out gorgeous Miss Alyssa Warland ( After looking this far into the future of her soon to be husband; Mr Aerial Manx ( (, ( the sword swallowing, crystal ball spinning, roast meat carving and, strangely very comfortable in his role, Old Mr Creep.

Massive thank you to Miss Shona Leach for stepping up to the plate at short notice and doing a truly amazing job with the SPFX and Latex face make up. You really did bring out the method actor in Manx.

And Ben John Smith, well… I took my girlfriend to grandpas. I vomited before my final crying scene; that’s why i look so butt hurt. Its all for the love of the creep.

The pair may need some therapy after that table licking, but good lord – what a show!

Introducing, Miss Alyssa and Mr Aerial Manx . com

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