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by horrorsleazetrash on October 8, 2010

HST gets lucky enough to showcase the works of Polaroid extraordinary Jim Lucio.

“I have been shooting Polaroid film since the late-80s. Working with expensive film on a limited budget helped me to quickly develop a personal style that I have stuck with to this day. Careful composition and limiting myself to shooting only one photo per subject forced me to get my shot in a single take, not unlike penny-pinching producers of low budget horror movies. By thinking in terms of cinema, it’s been important to me that I produce photographs that go beyond portraiture. I want my photographs to have a narrative element as well, however vague, mysterious or overtly tragic it might be. I photograph what I’m attracted to and people who inspire me, it’s really as simple as that. And if I can’t find these people, I have been known to pull out a tackle box filled with bad make-up, a suitcase full of wigs and let my friends dress up in some of the ugly clothes that I have filling my attic. This usually results in the more garish photographs that I consider to be cartoons brought to life. They are creepy, lurid and sometimes unsettling images that not only make me laugh, but work well with my style and interests. Currently I have about 60 exposures of Polaroid Spectra left. I continue to shoot digitally and have recently purchased my first medium format camera. I am a native Californian and have spent many years in both San Francisco and New York City. Currently I reside in Baltimore where I am the Visual Arts Coordinator for the City of Baltimore.”


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