Jonathan Guthmann Exhibition

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 15, 2013


Jonathan Guthmann rose to fame through the (currently suspended) facebook page ‘Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun’. His contributions won so many awards that the community gave him the title of “Sir” and eventually needed to withdraw him from “competitive dick drawing” and subsequently renamed the award the “Sir J.E. Dick of the Week award” . However, “Sir” Jonathan Guthmann’s humour, cock work and legions of fans are only a small part of the picture. Guthmann is an accomplished artist and illustrator with academic qualifications in theology, mythology and associated ancient languages.


In “The Existential Vacuum”, his debut exhibition, Guthmann will draw on his academic studies to present a body of work based on sacred and religious iconography, with a focus on near eastern ancient civilization. Through this language of archaic symbolism, stripped of religious signification and presented in a new context, he will explore the philosophical commonality between ancient and modern man; a bond which he believes has greater relevance than the one formed by the religious interpretation which the same symbols have accumulated since their ancient origins.

There will also be cocks.

“The Existential Vacuum” will open on January the 17th 2014 at Backwoods Gallery, featuring a collection of original work in pigment ink, pencil, pen and aerosol, as well as a collection of lithographs and etchings.

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