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by horrorsleazetrash on October 10, 2010

Finally something id  be proud to show my mother, introducing the beautiful works of Luiza Helena de Barros Lacava,

“The first memories I have about photography are from my father. When I was small, he used to take his camera and make photos of my brother and I in all situations. My first camera was a regular polaroid my mom gave me for my 12 years old birthday, after realizing my love relationship with the cameras, my father gave me one his old cameras, a  Canon A1 and from then on my life behind the lenses have started. My friends, my old dog, my dolls, my room, myself…

“I have started my career studying medicine, but at the middle of it I already knew that what I really wanted to do for living. I am 24 years old and was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, for almost one year, I´ve been living in Barcelona, where I´ve followed with my photography studies in range of schools and courses. Butterfly Places is one of my favorites personal works because I feel like it will never ends and can always get better. With this photos I try to express my personal emotions, what that place made me feel and that´s the reason why it has been photographed. I really like photographing peoples expressions and emotions as well but at this time, I trying to do that in empty places.

Other works:

¨Dona Augusta¨, Rua Augusta, Sao Paulo
Presentend as final course project at Escola Sao Paulo, december 2009 Exhibition

¨Barcelanoche¨, The relationship between identity and nightlife in Barcelona
Presented in Arquivo Criativo Exhibition at Casa Prólogo, Sao Paulo, may 2010

¨SPLASH¨, The creation of forms and an observation of colors and movements
Presented as IDEP General Photography final course project in july 2010


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