Marco Guaglione: MG Curves

by India LaPlace on March 12, 2018

Marco Guaglione is a freelance artist creating pin up art, erotic illustrations, and tutorials from Roma, Italy.


I always had a great passion for comics and illustrations and since I was a child, I tried to follow the style of my favorite artists. After I completed my studies in Electronic & Telecommunication in 2006, I started to draw my first digital Pin Ups. In few months I got my first collaboration with clients and agencies and I had the opportunity to develop my skills as an illustrator.” 


“After few years and a constant sense of dissatisfaction, I decided to quit the world of digital art and come back to my first love…THE PENCILS. A few years late, after tons of sketches and failures, I can finally say I have mastered this technique.” This is my first art book, here you can find a selection of my best work,from my pencil illustrations sketches. Last my colored pin up, where I put together my traditional and digital skills.”


Marco’s current project is his first artbook, “Marco Guaglione: Golden Curves.” Between these covers, you’ll find a selection of Marco’s best artworks, from white illustrations and gray paper sketches to digital color works. To help support Marco in continuing his work and creating more art, head over to Patreon:


You can also check out Marco’s website here:

And if social media is your thing, you can also find MG Curves on twitter and Instagram:,



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