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by horrorsleazetrash on September 23, 2010

Marco Guaglione speaks with HST:  “I was born in Rome in April 1985, I was always been fascinated by the drawings of my father and with the pass of time and the discovery of the USA comics I started throwing paper my first sketches. Only with the passing years I went to what is now become my greatest passion, the Pin Up Art, from the first books,I was fascinated by the great artists of the past like Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas and Edward Runci (the complete list would be too long) so I switched from classic superheroes to the drawing of sinuous and haunting shapes. the curiosity for digital graphics tools “less” traditional led me to get close to what is now considered the “digital art”, so I started to draw my pencil sketches originally born with programs for photo editing (photoshop). Thanks to the Internet I’m able to make my work visible to a wider audience, and together with the first criticism came also the first work commissions. I am aware that I still have long way to do to bring my techniques to an advanced level, but as A. Dumas says:”Art needs or loneliness, or poverty, or passion.” Or all three together I would add! and now, after having had the fortune to work with various models, I can say that I’ve set a very personal method of working that allows me to work with clients around the world in a reasonable time and with maximum results. I’d say it’s all about me, now take a look at my artworks.”


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