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by horrorsleazetrash on November 3, 2010

María S

Born in 1982, I’m originally from Madrid, Spain, but now based in a little town in the Bavarian Alps. My studies were no related photography, since my interest started very late at the age of 27, taking photos of landscapes and events in the beginning, til I did my first portrait shooting of a friend and just loved it. The results caught the attention of a fashion designer, Penelope Almendros (, who gave me my first job for her catalog, and who I’ll be working again soon with. Since them I’ve been trying to learn all possible in studio and outdoors even when my first year in Germany is being quite difficult. In my short experience I’ve been published in Spain(several magazines, flyers and exhibition at fashion events), Italy (magazine, flyers) and USA, where I collaborate with the gorgeus Retro Lovely magazine as I’m a member of the Retro Lovely pin up syndicate. I’m a total fan of vintage, from victorian to 50s, so most of my work is inspired by it, also loving to give a dark touch to every picture and the use of very bright colours. Always prefer to work with models with their own personalities and a different look, and must say I had the luck to meet some of the most interesting girls of Spain, where I usually shoot. Finally want to say thank you to Horror Sleaze Trash for paying attention to this beginner!

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