Miss Sharah

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 25, 2012

Ahhhhhh! You pervert mother fuckers! Get your creeping eyes away from my key hole peep show! Its a nun for the love of god!

Yeah, i know, i don’t blame you –  Miss Sharah is a smoking hot honey and the ultimate in everything photographical and other worldly amazingness Mike Christian team together to make such brilliant beautifulness!  I have no idea why i was dressed as a cat and i have no idea what im saying cause i have had a few too many beers.  But for god sake; Crack a few for your self, take a look through the wonderful key hole of godlyness and thank your lucky stars and all that is holy for the wonderful, the beautiful, the extremely sacred – Miss Sharah.

Special thanks to Paul and Larry and the lovley Miss Kara Kendell. You guys rock my jocks, forever and ever.

Introducing, Miss Sharah.

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