Nicolas Caesar

by Ian on January 20, 2012

Nicolas was born January 8th, 1973 in Santa Clara California. His father painted houses and his mother a nurse. He spent his childhood obsessed with monster toys, horror comics and drawing, drawing, drawing.
Self-taught, he went from trying to trace Creature Features on a cheesy black and white TV to developing his unique style by exploring the macabre. Not limited to #2 pencils and typing paper he later went on twisting paper clips into strange animals and spiders, later his assemblages pulled in other materials like electrical fence wire, animal bones, bits of plastic, scrap metal and rubber.
Catching the attention of San Jose’s industrial scene of the 90’s, Nicolas’ first showings were stage creations serving as accents to local South Bay bands like God Dog and Cervix. Soon Nicolas Caesar’s creations were a show of their own at goth/industrial/bondage clubs such as Roderick’s Chamber, Death Guild, Bound, and others. Soon he had work in everywhere from G.Y.R.O.’s House of Terror to The Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA.
In 2003 Nicolas shifted gears to painting and showcased his first series at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo. After a sold out response he continued showing at A.P.E. and with an early invitation from Bodytribe’s Chip Conrad he became a staple in Sacramento’s art scene. Soon Nicolas’ resume included gyms, tattoo studios, adult boutiques, magic dinner theaters, bars, restaurants, anime conventions, fairgrounds, historical landmarks, real estate offices, museums and comedy clubs. In Nicolas’ own words “I’ve turned into the girl who can’t say no. I’d show in a Taco Bell if they’d have me!”.

Nicolas’ gained the reputation for producing quality work under heavy pressure. Often he’d get a weeks notice to create and entire body of work to match an upcoming theme. This reputation won him the artist position with the 2009 film Clocktower. With an arsenal of styles, techniques and ideas at his arsenal he created multiple bodies of work for the film. This same reputation and being the founder of the Scary-Art Collective led him to be the curator for Scream 4 as well as a participating artist.
Nicolas lives in Castro Valley, CA with his wife Sarah Karas and a corpse named Lucky. He is currently in pre-production of a TV version of his web comic Mosquito and Spider and still averages 5 art shows a month.

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