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by horrorsleazetrash on September 4, 2010

RC Miller lives in Metuchen, New Jersey. He is the author of the chapbooks GORE (Calliope Nerve Media) and A Large Retailer (Ronin Press) and maintains a blog at VISION BLUES


Stars in heat. That’s my memo for a footjob. Once gravity contorts, motorboats will be hanging down to my knees. A voice in a couple of beers throws them over my shoulders, how gross.

Knees in heat. Blown up air is just a plumber. Plastic fangs on all his shoulders. Gravity is such a soiled customer.

Footjob on a motorboat. A big butt with a head vomits into my mouth a little. Poking me in the eye puts balloons in my pants.


I know anything moonroofing, olive. Radiation with a chance of buying myself a hummer when I’m ant-instant sunny with a chance of turning to stone.

Radiated olive, my cock tastes roared. Sometimes like fluid in the lungs. My other one has his book and screenplay. Most women fuck runny men.

I act the part of a credit card bleached by the 9/11 attacks. Take a shower but can’t fry.

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