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by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 11, 2011

HST got lucky enough to catch up with Robin Bougie for a chat. Get his fucking videos here.

For every thing else Cinema Sewer, listen to the king.

HST – What’s the story behind the state of video library’s in Canada and what are your efforts to record their demise?

RB – I worked in a store called Videomatica for the last 4 years, which had the best stock of classic, world, and cult films in western Canada before it went under recently. I do what I can to record the history of rental places (and the culture that surrounds them) in Cinema Sewer, and a few of my old co-workers are also starting a web series that I wrote an episode of, and will be starring in an episode of as well. It’s about working in an old fashioned videostore that is about to close because everyone downloads everything now, and all the crazy nerdy bullshit that entails.

HST – You do drawings in Cinema Sewer books? What is the strangest drawing request from a fan you’ve ever gotten?

RB – Yeah, I’ve been doing these book drawings for people. FAB Press in the UK has been publishing 200 page softcover collected volumes of my magazine, and the third one is due out in August. The cool news is that — like the first two books — I’ll be doing nasty/sexy one hour personalised drawings on the inside cover for each person that orders the new book directly from my site!

I’ve done hundreds of these book drawings, but I have to say, the strangest ones haven’t been the ones where people have requested stuff from me (I take requests as long as they are not too complicated or time consuming to draw), but are the ones where someone just allows me to do whatever I want. In those situations I just let the pen go wherever my perversion takes me, and I often end up with some totally oddball silliness. Mutated women fucking themselves with aliens, skin melting off of breasts at the disco orgy of death, girls racing on bikes that fuck their asses while they ride, and a lesbian My Little Pony scenario! All kinds of random stuff like that.

HST – What is your wife (Rebecca)’s reaction to what you do.

RB – She likes it. I know some girls wouldn’t be the way she is, but she tells me all the time how creative I am, and stuff. She’s wicked supportive, and I think that being a comic artist and professional animator herself (a very talented one, by the way), she gets that I have this part of my brain that is like a dirty old blanket, and it has to get aired out before it gets moldy. The work I create may be tasteless, violent, or vile, but it doesn’t matter, because exercising that part of yourself is the healthiest thing you can do with it. Pushing it back down and pretending it’s not there is fucked up, and that sort of behaviour is what creates monsters. If you’re a musician, you write a song, if you’re a writer you write a story, but if you’re a comic artist, you do a comic or a drawing. And that is what my illustrated stuff is for the most part, me dealing with my issues and the more confusing and primal parts of my sexual interests. Everyone should have a creative outlet to explore the unspoken, embarrassing, or demented parts of themselves. I don’t know what I’d do without mine.

HST – Me and Laz turned away when the cute asian bird ate the roaches and spat em in to the mouth of what i consider the archetype of “Japanese old man weirdo”. Any thing you have seen that you couldn’t stomach?

RB – You’re referring to Retard O Tron, the mixtape series I do with Roel in Holland. We utilise clips from both of our collections of visual rarities, and Roel edits the whole thing together in a massive gruel of obscenity and debauchery. Roel does the majority of the work on it, it’s really his baby. The whole point of ROT isn’t to gross people out, but it does happen occasionally because everyone has different limits and buttons. The point of it is to create an underground culture mishmash of weirdness that can be enjoyed with like-minded twisted friends. It’s sort of a party dvd, I guess. There isn’t anything on there that we personally couldn’t stomach, or we wouldn’t have included it. Over the years, I have seen things online that I would not want to see, or that have made me turn away. I’m pretty jaded, but it does happen from time to time, especially if it deals with the death or torture of innocent people or animals. I don’t like to see that — the destruction of innocence. Middle Eastern women being crushed with stones because they were raped and are now considered unclean. Pigs being slowly burned to death with blowtorches. A screwdriver being driven through a man’s eye, filmed by the Russian teenagers who laughed while they murdered him. That sort of cold bleakness makes me physically ill, and I want no part of it. I guess we all have our limit.

HST – Tell me a little about the John and Incest books. I heard that getting people to open up about the prostitution was tougher than the incest, what the fuck?

RB – Yeah, I did these series of magazines that were intimate illustrated interviews with either prostitutes, their johns, or adults that practice incest. They’re all out of print now, but I’m hoping to do a soft cover collected book if I can find a publisher for it. I spent months on each one, getting to know people who knew people I could interview. There was a lot of trying to pry my way into online communities with prostitution or incest themes. I had to wade through a lot of fakers to find the real deal, but I got there eventually. The whores were the easiest to talk to. Most of these business women are quite grounded and far healthier mentally than mainstream society gives them credit for. The incest crowd were very stand-offish at first. These are a group of individuals who had been fucked over many times before, have never been given a fair shake by anyone. They have every reason to be distrustful of outsiders. But you know, once one or two of them figured out that I wasn’t the enemy or there to judge or condemn them, they vouched for me in the community, and it was a breeze from there on.

Not so in the community of Johns. These guys have a lot more shame about what they do than the incest dudes and gals do. Some are nice, but many were very defensive, hate-filled, and just bitter lonely individuals. That is not to say that any man that pays for sex is one or all of those things — I don’t want to give that impression here. But it just so happens the many of the ones that I found were. Oddly enough, one of the nicest, most well adjusted johns I talked to was the one that gets off on craping on women, and he flies all the way across the country to see a specific hooker who enjoys that kind of “shitty” treatment. He even let me borrow a VHS tape of some of his gross antics! What a guy! haha!

HST – Just out of interest, have you seen a show called “Tim and Erics awesome show, great job?” – They describe it as futuristic nightmare television. What’s you interpretation of “Nightmare television”

RB – Yeah, I know the show. Those guys are great. Cutting edge stuff, in my opinion. A little goes a long way though, so I don’t watch a lot of their poop at a time. It gives you a headache. I would agree that they are nightmare television, and I’d also bestow that honour upon one of my fave shows of all time, the amazing and infinitely watchable: WONDERSHOWZEN.

HST – Why is the internet so fucking amazing? Seriously? Is it all the cats or the porn?

RB – Well, you just named two of my fave things in the history of forever; cats and porn. I don’t know if I even have a ceiling on either. I never get sick of them, man.

HST – When my girl saw your image for the header, she said – “Ewww thats fucking gross, but its seriously kinda cool”. That kinda sum it up in some kind of philosophical way?

RB – What? What’s the question?

Wait, I’ll give it a try: You want my reaction to your girlfriends response? I’d say it is precisely the one I aim for. A moment of revulsion, a reassessment, and then a connection being formed. Sign another one up for the Bougie Army! The only way it could be better is if she later used the image as inspiration for masturbation. As far as I’m concerned, that is the ULTIMATE way to compliment the work of anyone who works in any sort of sub-genre of erotica, even one as odd as mine. I don’t get weirded out when guys/gals tell me that what I drew/wrote made them jack or jill off. That kind of compliment is better than money.

HST – What was your first experience with porn?

RB – There were a few, which — because I am a child of the 1970s — included the cliche of finding it in the woods. I was with two little girls at the time, and we sat there on a log and looked at a bunch of hairy vagina’s and purple boners with rapt amazement, and some disgust as well. We were in grade two, and had never seen each other naked. But I did wonder if they had bush and floppy pussy lips like that afterward. It wasn’t until a couple years later that I saw a girl my own age naked, and took note that she hadn’t grown pubes or lips yet. I was getting worried, because I was pretty bare town there too and thought I might be a freak. In grade 5 a friend and I spent an evening pouring over issues of Cheri, Gallery, Hustler, and Penthouse with the full blessing of an entire house of adults. They were all in the next room getting high and drunk, and were absolutely thrilled that we had found something to aid ourselves in getting out of their hair, even if it was splayed cunt and asscheeks. Smut is a fantastic baby-sitter, I guess. My first porn film was one that my brother accidentally left in the VCR. It was called THE INITIATION OF CYNTHIA, and it starred Amber Lynn, Colleen Brennan, John Leslie, George Payne, and Jerry Butler — all of whom have gone on to become classic porn faves of mine. The funny thing is that by the end of summer, I had every single syllable of that film memorized, and when I returned to it 6 or so years ago, I found that I still remembered most of the dialog, man. If only they had been reciting math equations and shakespeare, I’d have been the most brilliant kid on my block!

Check out ROBINS newest project, as mentioned above, here.

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