Sharaya Brooks Miracle

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 12, 2012

Sharaya Brooks Miracle is a Kentucky-based lowbrow artist. she produces paintings and prints in a gothic, “creepy” cartoon style. She is more known for her digital art however, which consists of various creepy and victorian inspired portraits and scenes featuring subjects such as aliens, ghosts, robots, circus freaks, creatures and children.

“Thomas Shadwell said “Every man loves what he is good at”, and that is exactly why I am an artist. I love being able to visually create all the things I think up in my head, and wish I saw in the world, and in other peoples art. Even things I would NEVER see or want to see. It’s almost like magic and I just love the idea of magic and enchantment. My art tends to be either very ugly, or beautiful, and sometimes both.

I like to include things, and creatures that aren’t real [but that’s up for debate]. Iv used cryptozoology, the paranormal, deformities, and even robots in some of my work, and I never know what I’m going to come up with next. Most of my work is created using photo-manipulation and digital painting but unlike a lot of digital artists, I’m not just throwing images together. Sometimes the images I use are so altered by the time I’m done with them they aren’t even the same subject or item anymore.

When I look at my artwork I see each work as a portal into another reality almost. Like there is so much more going on in the image that I’m not even seeing. I always liked looking at art that way. It makes it so much fun. Sometimes when I’m making a piece I actually get a little spooked myself. While I was working on ‘Dread The Hat Man’ I kinda creep ed myself out, that’s how I knew it was good! Usually when other people look at my art they say “ooh that’s really creepy!”, but who knows what that really means. I like to think that my art makes others look at it the way I see art.

As an artist I would love to one day be known..underground even, maybe have my art on clothing. I wish I could find more shirts and stuff with neat art on them without having some silly band that Iv never heard of ‘s name on it. Id also love to do album art for some of my favorite bands too. Mainly I just want my art to be appreciated, that’s all that’s really important to me.
Some of my biggest inspirations are things I was afraid of as a little girl. I was afraid of weird stuff. I had weird nightmares and they kind of took over some of my childhood, I also had a very active imagination so that didn’t help much either. I like being able to recreate some of my worst nightmares. One of the reasons I fell in love with Mia Makila’s early work was because she kind of did the same thing. She has been a big inspiration to me. If it wasn’t for her work I wouldn’t be doing what I am today.

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