by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 29, 2011

Vivka is about as major as they come.  A Monster of the scene.  A wicked force in the alt industry.  Whether bare knuckle boxing in the Suicide girls Fight Club video, cutting it with the best on Zivity, or weaving out the extensions as a fashion assassin on etsy; the woman burns with intensity.  As sultry as they come, as sexy as they can be – Horror Sleaze Trash waiting on bended kneas for this shoot and it has proved to be worth every agonizing minute.  Tearing at the seems in black stockings and a wet, white and pink HST tee, this bath looks like every red blooded males wet dream.

So ladies and gents, a woman who needs no introduction, but what can i say, I’m a man of certain routine.

Introducing, Miss Vivka.

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