WIPED: The Destruction of Australia’s Television History by Larry Boxshall.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 14, 2012

They were the TV shows Australia loved. Countdown, Bellbird, Number 96, The Graham Kennedy Show, among many, many others. But due to budget constraints and a lack of foresight, thousands of episodes of these series were destroyed; their tapes wiped. Many Australians would be horrified to learn that thousands of episodes of their favourite series do not exist in the archives. But they may also be surprised to learn these same lost programs may exist in the unlikeliest of places; their own homes.

This is the story of Australia’s lost cultural history. A new documentary on a dark period when Australian television networks thought the value of the videotape was more than what was recorded on it.

This is not a documentary about blame, nor is it a witch hunt. This is a story about hope. Hope that the entirety of AC/DC’s first performance on Australian TV will be found one day, instead of the agonizingly short two second clip that only exists of it. Or the lost episodes of Number 96. Maybe someone taped it. It might be sitting in a garage. Or in a shed. Or under the stairs…

These broadcasts are important. They have worth. Lets get them back.

Currently in production. For more information please contact Larry Boxshall at boxfilms@hotmail.com

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