Sacked from Overland – Koraly.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 15, 2012


Koraly and I have often disagreed with each others point of views, and whether it’s my apathetic outlook to most things others find offensive or her ability to help me find their reason, our conversation/relationship is anything but boring. Yet we have never censored each other.  We have fought for the right for all walks of life to have poetry easily accessible and available on any level.

I started HST as a Facebook page, that grew to a blog; and eventually into the underground literary ezine it is today.  Throughout the growing, I have had the help of some amazing people. Ian Shearer from England, Richard Wink, local friend Meg’s, new recruit Adam Schirling, Jimmy Gerrard and a bevy or brilliant woman in our HST click.

Point being, I would ever turn around and say right lads, I got some cash, a couple of names on a block; so you can all fuck right off, it’s been a blast but; “oh, but here’s a free submission so you can still read our amazing new writers.”

Get the fuck outta here. Always a shame when such a community respected, ran and organized magazine gets a white glove, a superior hat and thinks the only good lit is political blue label.

“On reading the title of this post you might instantly think ‘soar grapes’ but the truth is, I still love Overland. I’ve loved every minute of blogging for them, even when I was criticised and slammed. I always listened and tried to understand every opinion. It’s all about learning and growing for me. I wanted to blog for Overland more regularly but couldn’t for financial reasons, since we didn’t get paid and I’m a single mother trying to make a living from my writing. But in the interests of public debate, I feel what has happened should be brought out into the open and discussed. And I am sure everyone at Overland knows I am not one to sit on my opinions.” ~ Koraly.

Read the article mention here and stand behind my friend and some one i respect here.

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