Steve Champion.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on November 18, 2014


Steve Champion is currently on Death Row serving a life sentence in San Quentin State Prison.  Me and Steve first made acquaintance though a mutual love of writing and have been pan pals for over 3 1/2 years now.  Steve is a kind man, well read, wonderfully intelligent and honest; Over the years we have grown to have a friendship i genuinely care about.  Steve has recently gone through a break up and has asked me to help spread the word in the look out for an open minded and kind woman from the states who may interested in a solid and transparent relationship.  Bellow is his “profile” letter he added in his last letter to me and above is a photo of Steve from a few months ago.

Further to that Steve is also in the group of minds behind

A project working on children books and further education for Dr Suess Style reading.

“Titled THE MONSTER BRIGADE franchise, it begins with a series of thirteen rhyming picture books that I’d like to self-publish as both a hard cover and an e-book. The storyline for each book will center around a child who discovers a monster in a most unexpected place. But the unique thing about the monsters is the fact they are friendly, non-threatening creatures who often assist the lead human character in some interesting or unpredictable manner.”

Love and books, its the full score.


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