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W.J.P.Newnham was born in Melbourne in 1965 at the Royal Women’s Hospital and whisked away from his mother as part of the white stolen generation policies where un-wed mothers were stripped of their children. He was adopted and raised all over country Victoria having at age 17 lived in 11 different houses and attended 9 different schools. At a grade 6 literacy test he read at a university level and when matriculating he won the schools humanity score prize. His attendance at university was sporadic.

W.J.P.Newnham has hitchhiked around Australia working as barman, bum and waiter; slaughter hand, deckhand and master spending 25 years working in the Northern Prawn Fishery. He has travelled extensively in south-east Asia, the Americas and Japan and speaks market-place Indonesian with some fluency.

 2 of W.J.P.Newnham’s early stories were published in the inaugural edition of the seminal Melbourne literary magazine ‘Nocturnal Submissions’ in the early nineties, a recent story accepted by ‘Overland’ for publication, and 3 pieces accepted for Web-Lication[1] on ‘horrorsleazetrash’

He lives in Brisbane with his partner and 2 blue-heelers.

W.J.P Newnham has written 6 books of short stories and burnt 3 with only remnant scraps remaining where held by friends and still existing. The three remaining books:


Still await recognition and publication.

‘These stories speak to character and choice. Obligation and duty are given and choices made according to need and want are not always wisest as accounts add up and balances are inevitably reached: the universe holds no mystery it just is as it is and ever shall be.’


>The exorcists<



“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.”




Hosea 8:7




He sat in the open sided iron roofed convention centre as summer storms pelted on the tinny in a roar and  back fed thru amplifiers as a mezzo-soprano of some note with-in the true faith belief  trills ‘How Great Thou Art’ at frequencies that set the hounds a-baying and into his head like a dentist’s drill. He leans forward retching and squeezing tight his eyes and moaning and digging at his temples with his thumbs as his first true migraine erupts in his synapses with the radiance of a thousand suns and Hiro-Shi-Ma.

His mother whispers vehemently in his ear:

‘What is wrong with you?’

as she colours with embarrassment as rows of kith and kinfolk and fellow communicants turn to look at the commotion.

‘The voice………my head………. he cries.


‘You are embarrassing yourself before the Lord!’

She hisses as she forces him upright back into his seat and smiles wanly at the now staring congregation.

‘Stop it. Stop right now!’


The singer finishes her protestation of faith and as the ordained pastor takes hold of the microphone and turns to face the Christless cross praising the exsanguinated saviour a vicious feedback takes hold and squeals at decibels throughout the PA systems and roars in echoes throughout the auditorium. He collapses to the floor and writhing in agony he hears curses and swears that he recognises from the schoolyard and realizes that he is shouting these words at the very top of his lungs as he tries to beat back the waves of pain that envelope him in a vertiginous retching horror.


His mother is mortified and rising to her feet she slaps his face as the entire congregation stares in silence. Women start into praying with folded hands and bowed heads and as the spirit takes them they ‘Praise the Lord’ in the tongues of both man and angels

His kin and kith folk swarm around him and hold him down and lay upon hands in fervent prayer as wave after wave of nausea and agony compete for supremacy until finally he screams:





Women scream and cover the ears of their children as men-folk leap to their feet with pointed fingers decrying:


Get Thee Behind Me Satan!”




“He Is Possessed Of An Evil Spirit!”


As the pastor speaks with the amplification of electronic authority and commands:

“Bring him unto me!”


His body is lifted and as he screams in a passion of agony the men pass him hand over hand towards the pulpit. As he passes over the women peck at him like crows and tear at his clothing and beat at him all the while shrieking and cawing:








In the name of Jesus Christ I cast thee out!

As he is borne forward he cries:




 As darkness and the flock descends.




“Suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. When this was noised abroad, the multitudes came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language”


The congregation stood to pray as the pastor exhorted and exalted the ‘Virtues of The Lord, His Greatness, His Omnipotence, His Forgiveness and Terrible Vengeance’. As he worked himself and the flock to feverish heights of religious ecstasy parishioners begin to speak and pray and rave  in tones and tongues of the language of the angels; with eyes tightly shut and  dancing on the spot from foot to foot they raise their arms to the heavens and sway like pussy-willows in a high breeze.


The pastor quotes scripture:















He is surrounded by shrieking and moaning and wailing in mother-tongues like Africa as the congregation is transported in an ecstasy of immolation and praise. He looks up and down the rows for the girls he had seen earlier now lost in abandonment to the Lord and imagines assignation scenarios of lust and flesh and consummation.


He says ‘What do you want?’ And she says ‘You Know!’. He fondles her God-Head and pierces the  lubricity of her  triumverate folds; spilling  seed as He  reaps the            WHIRLWIND !                         REC        Rec                                                                        





















He holds aloft his cigarette lighter and ignites his own ‘cloven tongue’ and joins with



Jabbering Throng:






>He is taken forward at the curtain call and is held firmly by stewards well versed in the struggles of the evil ones and is held still and upright before the pastor who is seized of the spirit and smites him with fore-hand to the fore-head.<

>With A GRADE 1 Concussion, A Child Has A Brief Period Of Confusion And Appears Dazed Without A Loss Of Consciousness. During This Time, For Example, the Child Will Respond Inappropriately To an Easy Question<

>Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Do You Hear Voices? You Do. So You Are Possessed.

You Are A Believer Born Again And Yet You Hear Voices And You Are Possessed.

Okay, Now Are You Ready

Put Your Hand Over There.

Okay, You Have A Jezebel Spirit Within You. You Have A Spirit Of Grief, And You Have A Spirit Of Destruction.

Jezebel! Spirit of Grief! Spirit of Destruction! I Bind You With Chains Of Iron! I Bind You Be Bound In Heaven! Loosen Your Hold and Come Out Now!

Start Blowing Out,… Out… Out, Jezebel! Come Out Now! Go Ahead… Out In The Name Of Jesus! Come On Destruction! Come On Grief! Jezebel, you’re Gonna Listen To Me! Jezebel! Go Ahead, Keep Blowing… Jezebel, I’m binding You! ………He Was Intended By God To Be Virtuous You Have No Right!……. Out, Jezebel! Out! Out! And Jesus Said: “… That’s Right, I’m Gonna Break Your Power Jezebel! Go Ahead,… Go Ahead,…<[4]


> He Or She Should Be Spoken To Twice In A Five-Minute Span To Confirm That The Child Is Not Experiencing Confusion. <


>Do you hear voices? You do. So you are possessed.

You are a believer born again and yet you hear voices and you are possessed. <


Within your skull, your gelatinous brain floats in a sea of cerebrospinal fluid that bathes and supports this precious organ, while acting as a shock absorber during rapid head movements. Although the outer surface of the skull is smooth, parts of its inner surface are rough and jagged and can cause significant damage in acceleration/deceleration, or “closed head injuries.” In this type of injury there may be no external damage, but because the head abruptly stops after being in motion, the brain rebounds back and forth against the skull’s interior bony structures. This trauma initiates a cycle of biochemical events









> Okay, you have a Jezebel Spirit within you. You have a Spirit of Grief, and you have a Spirit of Destruction.

Jezebel! Spirit of Grief! Spirit of Destruction! I bind you with chains of iron! I bind you be bound in heaven! Loosen your hold and come out now! <




He had been on the hunt for days with eyes wide open and scanning the beaches and hotels and night-clubs until he runs into a head he knew whilst body-surfing the mornings early outgoing tide and on recognition they greeted each-other as homeboys from fishing:



They lock fore-arm, wrist and fist.


“So Fucking What!”



“What’s kickin’?”

‘Fuck-All: got a gig playing bass’.





‘That’s right Cuz: Rock-And Fucking Rollah!’

“Name on ‘The Door’ plus One?”

“And Drinks?”

‘Fucken A-&-R Men True!’





They lock fore-arm, wrist and fist.

And plan to meet for drinks

And the other, the good stuff!



He met


them in the park at night when the moon shone least and there in the darkened park lit only by the incandescence  of his eyes blazing  being fuelled by Rock-And-Rollah and debauchery . They conducted alchemy and extracted the secret hearts of stolen pharmaceuticals and with enteric coatings dissolved the pure heart s of oxytocin  is left and cooked and loaded and rapture is dispensed like the warm zephyrs of [G]gods breath upon your face and the world grows painterly and soft.

He Sees In the Skyies: Great Portents and Signs. He calls to his [G]god as stars fall from the Skyies:









“Get Down NOW ……On The FUCKEN’ Ground CUNT……Get Down On The FUCKEN’ GroundFace-Down CUNT!


Q. what is your name?

A. my name is many.

“Smart Arse Eh? Give Him Your Fucking Name Cunt!”

Q. what is your name?

A. my name is legion.

“This cunt is off his fucken’ head. He matches the description of one of them fucking junky cunts seen shooting up in the park.”

Q. what is your name?

A. my name is no-one.

“I’ll give you Fucken’ no-one Cunt…..Put Your Hands on Your Head…..Put Them Up Cunt…..NOW.



S. You have been given a lawful directive to permit and allow a search of your person under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act.


Q. Are you in possession of prohibited substances or any danger or impediment to this lawful search?



Answer The Fucken’ Question Cunt: Answer It Now Or So Help Me God I’m Gonna Fuck You Five Ways From Sunday.


Q. Are you in possession of prohibited substances or any danger or impediment to this lawful search?

The world grows hard again and the stars freeze in the skies and [G]gods’ breath becomes as a mighty roar in his ears as realization comes back to him. He shakes his head and clearing his throat he speaks once again in the tongue of man cognizant of action and consequence:


‘I have sinned; I have forsaken the Lord and served the Baals and the Ashtoreths. Deliver me from the hands of my enemies, and I will serve you.’[6]


Answer The Fucken’ Question Cunt!Cross references:

  1. 1 Samuel 12:10 : S Jdg 3:9
  2. 1 Samuel 12:10 : S 1Sa 8:8
  3. 1 Samuel 12:10 : S 1Sa 7:3



You Are A Believer Born Again And Yet You Hear Voices And You Are Possessed?


Q. Are you in possession of prohibited substances or any danger or impediment to this lawful search?













A. Yes.

Q. Will you now willing submit to a search of your person having identified any prohibited substances, dangers or impediments to this search?

Almighty God our heavenly Father, graciously comfort your servant in his suffering, and bless the means made use of for his cure.  Fill his heart with confidence that, though at times he may be afraid, he yet may put his trust in you; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

FOR FUCKS SAKE: Answer. The. Fucken.’ Question. Cunt!Cross references:

  1. 1 Samuel 12:10 : S Jdg 3:9
  2. 1 Samuel 12:10 : S 1Sa 8:8
  3. 1 Samuel 12:10 : S 1Sa 7:3


he is transported in revelation as he stares down the hard faced years of fear of empty toilets and the leering faces of the condemned like swine to slaughter and concentrating and distilling the evil till he too shone with the ruddy light of the damned.

He humbles himself and makes contrition:

A. hang on boss..give us a minute..I have fucked up bad you know.alcohol and low company..mate I’m a clean-skin.

Q. Are you in possession of prohibited substances or any danger or impediment to this lawful search?


A. 300 bucks……..30 oxytocins’  I said I fucked up bad .I know…….I’m a fucken’ there any other way?

What do You suggest then Cunt; something that’s fair?

What do you reckon?


Up to you I spose?




A. you take the money and the shit.


A.I cop a flogging.










Black and blue

And back striped like a zebra

Three day concussion with flowering bruises

And visions of salvation.



[1] Aramaic; father, father why hast thou forsaken me! Matthew 27:46

[2] Acts 2;1-6 abridged.

[3] Devo: ‘Freedom Of Choice”

[4] Brian Eno and David Bryne; ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’.[ab.]


[6] 1 Samuel 12:10



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