Bradford Middleton

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 6, 2014


Bradford Middleton was born in 1971 and is a writer of poetry and short fiction who currently resides in Brighton after coming of age in London and then being somewhat transient for a while.  He recently won the inaugural Brighton Festival Twitter Fiction Competition and has been published widely online including at Ether Books, The Weekenders, Word Riot, Decades Review, Dead Beats and Down in the Dirt as well as many others.  He is also a Contributing Poet at Mad Swirl.  He is in the process of writing his first novel.


Suzy was a vision and every eye in the place was following her as soon as she appeared on the stage.  Bedecked in a sexy tight black vest that showed off her impressive physique she exuded a sexiness a lot of women would kill for; a short tartan skirt was capped off with a delectable slice of thigh before the gorgeous sight of black fishnet stockings.

Tony looked at her and smiled smugly to himself; tonight, after years of waiting, she was finally… he couldn’t even bring himself to think it.  But tonight she had arranged to meet up with him at the end of her shift.  He felt his crotch grow tight in his hip black corduroys as she removed her top to reveal a bra which seemed to defy all laws of gravity.  He licked his lips as she swirled around the poll in front of him.  Looking around Tony could see all the men in the bar gazing at his woman and wondering what she was going to remove next; her skirt feel to the floor and suddenly she was just in her underwear.  She proceeded to grab a stool from the back of the stage, sitting with her legs on either side of the back of the chair; she hoisted a leg in the air and slowly removed one of her gorgeous fishnet stockings.  The other quickly followed and she was back up on her feet.  All the eyes were still fixed on her and she loved the attention.  Tony could tell just by looking at the pleased expression on her face that she was.  As she got to the front of the stage she span, showing the baying crowd for the first time the true splendour of her ass; it was firm and hypnotic in concentrating all the attention away from the fact that she had removed her bra.  Spinning around she surprised a great deal with the clear display of her magnificent 38D breasts.  Her eyes fixed on Tony and he knew what was coming next; the crowd were showering her in all kinds of paper money and then finally, the pay off.  Her brazen nudity elicited an ecstatic response from the crowd.  As she spun round one last time, turning to leave the stage the crowd were on their feet applauding wildly.

With her gone Tony moved off to the bar.  The crowd now having someone new to look at but Tony knew most of them would be thinking about Suzy until they either made it home to their middle-class wives or back to the boarding rooms from where they had come that night.

“Hey Gail, can I get a pint?”

“Sure thing Tony” she replied simultaneously beginning to pour his drink.  He handed her a five and she passed him the beer.

He relaxed and had a nip at his beer.  His attention was caught by Gail’s outfit; it was similar to Suzy’s but the fishnets had been replaced by knee-high socks.  Tony chuckled at the thought that not that long ago she would have had to wear socks like that for school.

“You dancing tonight Gail?”

“You betcha, finally getting out from behind the bar to show off what I got!”

Tony laughed and jokingly told her “You got it all babe, you’re looking hot tonight.”

She twiddled a knot of hair in her fingers, almost embarrassed by his comments.

“You think I got what it takes?”

“Sure you have.  Just look at you, there ain’t anything about you that is less than fantastic.  Great face, beautiful smile, fit smoking body and a sexy little outfit.  What could go wrong babe?”

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing you bastard?”

Tony was confused by where the voice was coming from; it sounded like Suzy but she should still be back-stage.  Her shift couldn’t be ending now.  He spun round on his chair and there she stood.  She looked angry.

“Well, what the fuck you doing?  Chatting up this slut?”

“No…” he was stunned; he had no idea of how to react to the situation that was unfolding in front of him.

“Who you calling a slut you old hag?” Gail taunted.

“You, you slut.  What’s wrong can’t get a man and have to make do with trying to steal another woman’s man?”

The raised voices had gained the attention of Dexter the bouncer.  Tony noticed him looking over, keeping an eye on the situation, and knew he had to do something now to dispel the quarrel.

“Ladies, ladies can we all calm down?  Suzy please understand I was just getting a beer and having a chat with Gail.  There is nothing for you to worry about I promise.”

“Sorry Suzy I was flirting with your guy; I guess I was just trying to get some confidence before I dance tonight.  Please say we are OK?”

“Yeah ok, we’re all good.”

Gail went over to the drinks and began making Suzy her favourite cocktail; a huge White Russian.  It reminded her of her favourite film ‘The Big Lebowski’ and she loved the way it made her feel.  With it prepared and delivered to its grateful recipient Gail moved off to get ready and finally Tony and Suzy were alone.  They drank quickly, knowing they had better things and places to be.  Suzy had made a bunch of money that shift and could afford for a cab back to Tony’s flat.  With their drinks done they grabbed their coats from the cloakroom and moved towards the front door.

“See you real soon,” Dexter greeted them as they moved out on to the pavement.  Tony hailed the first available taxi and it pulled over allowing them to get in the back seat.  Suzy climbed on top of Tony and kissed him passionately.  He could feel her skirt riding up her thighs and the feel of her silk panties sweep over his tightening crotch.  The passion between the pair had blurred all concept of time and their attention was exclusively on each other.  As Suzy slipped a hand in to his corduroys she could feel how hard already was and it pleased her.  One of his hands grabbed at one of her firm breasts through her tight top as he kissed her neck passionately.  It was then it all started to go wrong.

The taxi pulled over; gaining their attention for the first time since they had got in back at the club.

“Hey man, where are we?  This isn’t where I told you to drop us.”

The man in the front seat hadn’t set the fare metre and this immediately made Tony worry.  The figure in front was darting about in his dash-board cupboard for something and, now bordering on the terrified, Tony grabbed Suzy’s hand and they stumbled through the quickly opening door towards their escape.  They ran but with their driver, nee assassin, realising the situation and grabbing the gun he’d been searching for in the cupboard he threw himself out his taxi door and began firing.  It was a wild and crazy attempt at hitting them and each effort went whizzing by in the darkness of the early morning.  Tony thought they sounded a fair distance away and finally felt comfortable enough to stop running.  The only problem was they had no idea where they were; there were no road signs suggesting an obvious answer.  Suzy looked up at the sky and having worked out which way was south decided to move off that way.  They lived on the south coast so south was always the way home.

The driver was back at his house; he had bad news for his brothers and their mother.  As he walked in the front door he could hear the preparations in the kitchen for dinner; he knew she would be most disappointed of all.  After all   pasta could only go so far; occasionally other food groups needed to be represented in the family diet.

“Hi mum, I’m sorry but there ain’t going to be any fresh meat for dinner tonight.  I picked up a couple; a real looker of a woman and some beefy looking guy but once I got to the outside of the house they escaped.”

“Ah shit, you mean we got damn pasta again?”

“Afraid so Mum, unless you want me and the boys to go look for them?”

“I could really do with something different right now so would you?  Would you take your brothers with you?  I do hope you can find them; a woman to help continue the family line and a man for his flesh.”

“OK mum, no problem.  Hey Bobby, hey Johnny…”

His brothers appeared in the door-way to the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Bobby, the middle brother and eldest of the pair, stated.

“I got us a nice dinner and a nice woman, the only problem is they got out.  They can’t have got far on foot though so I reckon we could easily find them.  You boys want to come and help me?”

“Sure” was the firm reply.

The taxi rolled out the front yard and on to the road that ran beside their house and the brothers’ desire for flesh became apparent.  The talk was feverish about what Mum would do with them once they had been caught again; there was a palpable tension in the air as the car speed off.  Taxi driver was at the wheel.  He had worked out a plan of action.

Elsewhere Tony and Suzy were battling back through a field; they weren’t dress for cross-country activity and Suzy was beginning to get annoyed.  She was annoyed that Tony hadn’t paid attention to the taxi driver and what he was doing.

“It would have probably helped if you hadn’t been such a damn good distraction.”

“Well, I’m sorry; especially if it means we are now going to die.  I was just excited about what was going to happen.”

They reached the end of the field and struggled through a bush, finally finding themselves back on a road.  Unfortunately for them the first car they saw was that damn taxi that had picked up them back in town.

“I knew it!” taxi driver announced, joyous.

“Quick, go get them.  I’ll prepare the boot for him.”

Tony and Suzy panicked and began running again but her heels and his love of the booze slowed them down to an almost snails pace.  Bobby and Johnny caught up with them easily; Bobby grabbing Tony by his arm, beating his face with his fist, until he could get some help from his taxi driving brother.  Suzy was so  panicked she gave no fight; she figured they had them and there was nothing she could do about it.  The boot slammed shut and suddenly she was alone with the three brothers.  Bobby was sat in the back with her.  He was taking in the view and was clearly salivating at what he saw.  She was beautiful and Bobby could not remember the last time he had seen such a woman.  He didn’t get out the house much, it was his job to look after his Mum.

He moved in close to her and reached out, hoping to kiss her.  She recoiled in horror at her suitor’s advances but he was strong and he strong-armed her into the corner.  Her face grimaced and her mouth screamed as he closed in on her.  Tony began crying softly in the boot of the car.  No one could hear him; he was alone.

The taxi pulled back in to the front yard and Mother appeared in the doorway.  As her boys bought out their captives a huge smile appeared across her face.  Grabbing Tony by his arm and giving it a squeeze she turned to Bobby and Taxi driver and congratulated them.

“Dinner will be good tonight” she announced whilst eying up Suzy, “I guess you boys will find some thing to keep you occupied today…”

The boys did but only after they had finished helping with the dinner preparations.  Tony’s screams were loud but it was still as if no one could hear him.

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