Curtis Last ~ Suck It Dry Six

by Horror Sleaze Trash on December 18, 2013


CL comes from Orange County, California. Currently serving in the the US Navy.

Suck It Dry Six


I’m at home watching Suck It Dry Six. Obviously it’s not a Vampire Film. It’s a porn, the theme is blow jobs, it is filmed from the perspective of the gentleman getting a blow job, the camera looking down into the face and soulless shark eyes of the female recipients, all of whom, in so many manufactured words and facial expressions, are hungry for cock, love the taste of cum, and want to feel hot cum on their face. Sitting through an entire one of any of the dvds from this classic collection has a strange effect on the viewer.


Imagine being at sea for hours on a small watercraft or floating on a surfboard among the swells. Coming back to land, the energy of the waves is still present, and the smooth rocking of being on the water can remain for hours, lulling one into a great calm. Now, after watching Suck It Dry Six for the 2 hours all 13 or so blow jobs take, as I’m walking down the street, I get the strange sensation that my dick is hard, protruding out in front of me and bouncing to my step-rhythm.


I stare down at concrete, and can almost imagine the bobbing head of some beautiful whore with too much make up on cresting and falling upon my grand member. It’s a bit unnerving…I mean, I’m in public and everything, but I’ve been watching this stuff for so long, I can feel it. My dick is limp, in my jeans, but I can feel it hard, see the head encompassed within the mouth of some misguided 22 year old girl. It’s like those video cameras they attach to peoples heads that give the viewer the sensation of movement while the camera follows the path of the head it is on. These are not haunted grounds illuminated by night vision, however. This is my cock under the light of day!


So I’m grooving down the street with a passenger, I can see her straddling the front of my legs, ass bouncing against my quadriceps to the rhythm of my pace, begging me to explode in her mouth so she can taste my hot, salty cum. It’s a bit troubling from many perspectives. Well, I’m sure you know how this one ends…


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