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by horrorsleazetrash on September 6, 2010

Diana Rose can be found some Friday nights with her other half Frankie Metro at St Pete Pier throwing back Corona ,then possibly at an open mic or two Cafe Nola or Cafe Bohemia in the Tampa Bay Area. Find more of her work in Lit Up Magazine

Desiree’ wanted to rid her mind of the image.  That one that presented itself when the world was still, the one that interrupted peaceful slumber and added a green haze around the moon that made wolves howl with anguish. It was if the night could read her mind : see those perfect set of petal pink lips , eagerly filling her mouth with his cock, hard ..throbbing as he clenched her hair greedily. Those cotton candy lips pursed, ready .. leaving a ring around shaft,back arched . He slaps her ass and that little bitch just smiles, licking sticky juice from tip with sly tongue.

Her curious mind couldn’t take the full moon surge to her loins. She had needs that needed to be quenched ; and an exclusive singles site launched a journey that only few travel.

The transaction was simple and within minutes she had surfed through endless promises of fantasies. Pictures of smiling singles toasting from hot tubs and couples entwined in front of roaring fireplaces. Desiree’  coded in fetishes, checked the box for light S&M, would she like male female or both? For 199.95 she had a limo guaranteed pickup for 7 pm fantasy attire included to be shipped overnight.  She picked a well tanned couple , female brunette, petite , male well endowed all over  bronze skin, and eyes of an unbelievable  caramel hue. Pictures showed them in various positions, locations seductive ; she imagined herself joining them heart racing .

The outfit arrived at 3pm : a white leather corset, white leather mini skirt and black stiletto lace up knee high boots, no underwear. which is just as well they probably would be ripped off anyway. She bathed in fragrant bath oil lotioned  every inch of sleek bare legs and aching baby soft skin between thighs, feeling heat radiate from already moistened damp lips.  Her scent was heady, and she dressed with anticipation touching herself with shaking fingers.

What she didnt know, that every minute to come was being taped. Her life forever on film.

7 pm

The limo arrived in front of her house and a driver baring no expression emerges and opens the back door . Dark glassses , brim of hat pulled low. Dhe sees eight couples in the back; all dressed in black leather golden eyes all on her with preditory gazes that stripped, devoured her to the bone. Two men had women already on their laps, one woman was licking another woman’s ear. and the man she recognized black leather vest exposing muscled abdomen and tatooed arms reached a hand out . Without a word he pulled her in the limo and held her firmly straddled across his lap. His mate from the photos handed her a flute of champagne,and before she could finish a sip her skirt was pushed up her thighs.  All eyes seemed to be moving in closer, and all hands were groping and flesh was being made bare. Hands moved in from behind her,unlaced her corset top feeling for her taut nipples , female fingers that pinched with sharp long nails. His hands started probing one finger than two inside her pussy while her nipples were twisted and a mouth descended with red cherry lips to suck them hard.  Another set of lips ,coy came down on her mouth as her hand went down her back, slowly causing ripples with slickened oil fingers circling her virgin rim lubricating  ..she felt oil running from bottle as one then two fingers were inserted deep inside as a breath blowed in her ear. She began to shake as all three sets of hands continued to move , yet another male mouth descended on a nipple..then pushed her breasts roughly together and slapped them.  Her pussy wet and ready was filled with a hard cock so deep so rough she screamed,but a woman’s mouth on hers muffled the sound.  No one would hear her.  A vibrating sound was held to her ear then slowly deliberately a hard cold pulse ran down her back and fingers in her ass moved out only brief enough to insert the long vibrating steel dildo inbetween squeezed cheeks. She tried to squirm, to violently move away but the multiple hands held her strong and fast.  Words she didnt understand were being spat in her ear Ты шлюха ты так трахал, Вам нравится быть трахал в задницу и киску в то же время. A hand slapped her ass once, twice , three times then shoved the vibrator further in . Tears welled in her eyes, and she was pulled by the waist to have  streams of cum across cheeks, neck and chest by more than one stroked prick.

8pm still frame..

The limo suddenly stopped, and a rubber ball was strapped in her mouth and a blindfold tightened around her eyes. Готовы ли вы мало киска was whispered in her ear then a leather pronged whip cracked across her bare trembling back. She fell to the floor, head lolling to the side. Hands dragged her along as excited Russian voices scared her into submission. Crack went the whip hard across her ass and hands proceeded to drag her by the hair forcing her to crawl across the floor. More hands ripped her up by the hair, slamming her down to a splintery wooden table. Her feet were shackled to each table leg .. this was no fantasy she bargained for . Terror was filling her welling eyes , that these demons were oblivious to filling their need.  Her hands were roughly tied above her head. Three sets of warm oiled hands  stroked each breast and a mouth was dribbling spit from her navel to her pussy.  Готовы ли Вы небольшую киску, вы хотите, чтобы язык мой дразнить, что влагалище?  Tongues began tracing all at the same time , one tongue deep inside her pussy making her clench her teeth around the rubber ball and raise her shaking form off the table. Two metal clamps pinched into each nipple , and she shrieked through the ball spit running down chin., metal prongs feeling like they were pinching off the nipples themselves.  The whip cracked down across her bare chest, and more metal clamps were attached, one on her pubic mound, the other on her labia . A shrill unearthly sound came from her throat as cold electrical pain coursed through her.  Hands forced her legs as far back to her chest as the shackles would allow, a cum greased cock slammed into her ass  and shouts or approval came from male and female comrades as another cock slid into her electrically jolted cunt. Pee dribbled down her leg, and tears poured down a face being slapped . Fingers pulled the chains attached to the clamps pulling them then slapped her mound repeatedly.  Kicked with spiked heels she fell off the table, a whip cracked across her ass and the chains that clamped her were twisted about her neck to force her to her knees. Like that she was forced to crawl, head pushed against each cock and pussy that were lined up one by one. The ball was removed so her mouth could be filled , and one stood be hind her entering her from behind , evil motions. ” Готовы ли вы маленькие киски, сосать это хороший петух, как мы приготовили для Вас диплом.”  Oh no baby, you are going to cum once more. Suck this nice cock.

9pm Still frame:

Hands had pushed her into a large tub of hot sudsy water, the clamps removed, blood caked nipples stinging, fingers probing pain filled cunt.

A hard metal shaft was entered into her mouth

‘Thats it cum baby ..suck it”  Music filled the air , a 50′s soul replaced the harsh Russian.

Then…. BANG… the last sound she heard.

12;15 Police enter hotel room, movement being recorded.

Police responded to hysterical maid ranting, ” Didn’t I Blow your Mind ” was still playing on repeat.  Blood smeared a trail across the room to the hot tub, and all that was left of her brain still swirled, pink fragments like cotton candy on top of ever swirling foam. Desiree’s eyes pulled from the sockets sat looking up with green dismay at detectives that resented being called to work on a Sunday.

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