doug robbins

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 19, 2013

 Doug majors in English at Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio. 
 He grew up in Springfield but now lives in  Enon.


Too cowardly to commit suicide I was forced to drink away my grief. The ferocious nature of the demon beer I consumed left me in a drunken fog. The fireplace roared in the fireplace. The house was toasty and the heat could not comfort my soul or my heart. Earlier that day I had been at my wife’s funeral. My senses were numbed yet my grief was stronger than ever before. Tears stung my eyes as I wept like a damned infant. No I wept like a man who had found more than just a sex pal I found love. Half my soul was lying on the ground shattered on the ground at my feet. My head was too heavy to lift.

‘’What a coward I am,’’ I thought bitterly to myself.

Instead of placing a gun inside my mouth and squeezing the trigger I numbed myself and attacked my liver with an adult crutch.

I tossed the bottle of beer into the fireplace. I began to feel sickened by the heights of my own juvenility. I was drinking my life away, not my grief. I saw the portrait of my wife hanging above the fireplace. Her hair was blonde and her slender chin was pointed downwards as she smiled her angelic smile. My heart sank as I considered the possibility of never holding my beautiful wife in my arms again and kissing her gentle lips. I dragged myself up the stairs and I staggered into my bedroom. I found a pair of my wife’s freshly, pressed panties. I pleasured myself with it as I wept.

‘’Come back to me my love and my bride,’’ I cried out as I grew ever closer to an unsatisfying climax.

I dropped the panties to the floor and I fell asleep. The next day I took my throbbing skull to the library where I found a book on necromancy. I read through the book voraciously as I sat in my study. I read the entire book in one sitting. That night I drew a large pentagram in the center of my floor. At each of the five ends of the pentagram I placed a black candle. ‘’My wife and my bride you were once dead; now dearly departed I implore you return to me now,’’ I chanted.


The flames on the candles went out as the curtains blew straight out. The windows were all closed. I soon smelled the pungent stench of formaldehyde. I heard three knocks ring out from my front door. I leapt up. ‘’I’m coming my love don’t go away I’m coming,’’ I shouted.

I ran to the door and I ripped the door open and found only darkness. I fell to the ground and my shoulders slumped. I wept inside my own hands. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I peered up and saw my wife standing before me. ‘’John my love,’’ My wife began to speak.

‘’I’ve come home,’’

‘’My sweet Carol how I’ve missed your smile and your scent.’’

I hugged my wife and kissed her lips. She smelled of formaldehyde and perfume. I took my wife by the hand and I lead her upstairs to our bedroom.


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