Doug Robbins

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 10, 2014


Doug contributes to Demonic Visions 1 and volume 2.


My name is Herbert Bush and I am seventy years old. I am penning this narrative because I am an old man who has lived through a rather traumatic experience and I would like to qualify it in my own mind. I am unsure of why I was chosen to receive this knowledge out of every human in this universe but I was. The knowledge I am referring to is the knowledge that an ancient creature lives just in the dimension next to our realm. It had always existed before man ever existed and it will live long after man has passed away. I was sitting in my cabin warming myself by the fire. I was on vacation in the Ohio wilderness. I had decided that hunting and fishing was just the kind of distraction I needed from the drudgeries that my job as a novelist had taken.

I carried the two pounds of fish I had caught for the day into the cabin. I pulled out my knife and gutted the fish. I cooked the fish over the fire in the fireplace. I cleaned the blood off my knife with tap water and then I washed my hands too. Night fell swiftly upon my cabin. I stared up at the stars lighting up the night sky like a jack o’ lantern lighting up a window on Halloween night. The sounds of nature danced in my eardrums. I heard twigs snapping under the feet of swift, unknown creatures stomping through the woods.

I heard the sounds of crickets chirping. I even heard the sound of breathing. It was not my own but it was human like. It was loud and it was persistent. I stood up beside the warm fire and I peered into the darkness of the woods across from my cabin. I heard a strange, haunting voice calling to me in a chanting, sing song way. My brain said stay put but my feet and heart said follow the strange sound.

It was as if I was hypnotized. I stepped into the woods and sort of shuffled my feet as I walked. About five to seven feet ahead of me, I noticed something was glowing in the dark. It gave off this beautiful aura of blue light. I approached the item and had to shield my eyes when I came right up to the object. I was grabbed by my wrist by a slimy tentacle. Out of its tentacle it stuck me with what felt a lie a needle prick. My stomach bulged, suddenly and I soon felt very tired and I ached all over. I staggered back to my cabin and hurried off to the bathroom. I felt a large rush of nausea wash over me as I heaved slimy, eggs into the toilet. There were maybe thirty or forty eggs the size of pennies in my toilet now. I screamed as the eggs leapt out of the toilet and tiny winged creatures crawled out of the eggs.

They looked like hornets but with wrinkled, human like torsos but hornet like heads and stingers. They had flaps of wrinkly crab like skin flaps over the toothed and crooked mouths. They grew to the size of cats in seconds and they made horrible screeching noises as they flew through the air. I watched my strange alien babies leave the cabin and fly out into the night sky and although I was racked with unfathomable fear I also felt the hurt and pain of watching my babies grow up and leave me all alone.

I was a father to an entire alien race and although I feared that whatever female creature had impregnated me with her alien eggs would come back to kill me or impregnate me again with its eggs I wept tears of joy because for once as a man I knew the joys of motherhood!

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