Doug Robbins

by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 20, 2014

Doug Grew up in Springfield Ohio but now resides in Enon Ohio. He contributes to Demonic Visions 1 and 2 available at

Bare tree limbs scraped at Joey Randle’s bedroom window. They looked like deform claws to Joey on some ancient demon ready to claw his face off as he shivered under his warm, blue blanket. A wolf howled outside. It was midnight and that meant it was officially Halloween. Joey wandered downstairs but saw his parents were seated on the sofa watching television. The warm glow of the television cast an eerie blue glow on his parents’ faces. He dared not go downstairs for he knew he would get in a lot of trouble if his mom and dad knew he was still awake. Joey sat halfway up the steps listening to his parents’ conversation.

  ‘’Did you hear that Boogeyman Killer killed someone tonight again,’’ Mom said.

  ‘’He’s been killing people for three years like clockwork,’’ Dad said.

  ‘’Once on the night before Halloween and again on Halloween night,’’ Dad said.

  ‘’Why haven’t the police caught that creep yet,’’ Mom asked.

  ‘’I don’t know cops don’t know what the fuck they’re doing,’’ Dad replied.

  ‘’They’re all inept.’’

  ‘’They keep us safe,’’ Mom said.

  ‘’Who’ll protect us from them,’’ Dad said.

  ‘’Did you know he chops off his victim’s hands and keeps them as his trophies,’’ Mom asked.

  Dad nodded. ‘’He also slits their throats and cuts out their eyeballs.’’

  Mom shivered. ‘’What does he do with them,’’ Mom asked.

  ‘’He eats them,’’ Dad replied rather coldly.

  Mom gasped and Joey shivered. Joey tiptoed up to his bedroom and lied awake in his bed too terrified to move or sleep. Mercifully the sun came out and it soon became time to go to school. Joey climbed on the bus feeling groggy but safer now that it was light outside. Later that night Mom and dad stepped out to a movie and that left Joey alone with his babysitter Denise. Denise was seventeen and slim. She wore a yellow t- shirt and a plaid skirt.

  Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail.  Denise and Joey were watching a scary movie together. They were seated on the sofa in the living room. A bowl of popcorn sat on the coffee table. ‘’Denise are you afraid of the boogeyman,’’ Joey asked.

  ‘’There’s no such thing,’’ Denise laughed.

  ‘’No I mean the serial killer,’’ Joey replied.

  Denise laughed. ‘’Don’t worry about him it’s very unlikely he will come to this house tonight,’’ Denise said.

  ‘’But what if he does come here what then,’’ Joey argued.

  ‘’We’ll call the police,’’ Denise said.

  The lights went out. ‘’Denise,’’ Joey called out.

  ‘’Where are you?’’

  NO reply. He heard a loud scream. ‘’Denise are you ok what happened,’’ Joey hollered.

 No reply. The lights came back on and Denise was seated on the sofa. Her legs were spread wide open and her eyeballs were missing and her throat was gushing blood. It had been slit. Her hands had been chopped off. Blood spurted from the bloody stumps where her hands had once been and her throat oozed blood as did her, empty eye sockets.

  On the television a message was scrawled out in blood. ‘’The Boogeyman’s Right Behind you!’’

  Joey spun around and saw a man wearing a black fedora and black trench coat glaring at him. His face was hidden in shadow. He held a bloody knife in his left hand and two bloody hands stuck out of his trench coat. The Boogeyman Killer grabbed the kid by the shoulders and carried him off into the darkness never to be heard from again.


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