Doug Robbins – Sicko the Perverted Clown

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 27, 2013


Doug Robbins  attends Wittenberg University In Springfield Ohio. ( His cat Autumn is an influence for some of his writing. Doug uses influences from his political views, religious beliefs and interest in the paranormal and the macabre as vehicles to drive his morbid imagination and writing into new territories

Sicko the Perverted Clown


Did I kill Hannah Mae Jenkins? Of course I did. As I sit here under these interrogation lights I smile when I think of her bones breaking as I bashed the ball bat into her ribs repeatedly. I remember the way her flesh felt on my own face as I wore her face like a mask. I followed Hannah Mae home from work one night in August. The air was hot and muggy. She had hired me as a clown for her nephew’s birthday party the week before. I was dressed in my red clown suit and clown makeup. I sat in the street in the driver’s seat in my 1998 Honda Accord and watched Hannah Mae walk into her house.


  An hour later I snuck in through the back door carrying a rag drenched with chloroform in my right hand. She screamed when she saw me and what I carried in my left hand. In my left hand I carried a cage with a rat inside it. His beady eyes glowed in the darkness of his cage. When she started to run I smashed the cage into her back which knocked her to the floor. I climbed on her back and pressed the rag against her lips. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she soon became unconscious.


  I dropped the rag and dashed to my car. I grabbed the rope out of the front seat of my car and raced back inside. When Hannah woke up she found herself bound to her own bed with rope. I listened to her scream as I released the starving rat from his cage only after placing a bit of cheese I had kept in my pocket out and placed the cheese on the end of Hannah’s index finger. She screamed as the rat devoured the cheese and the tip of her index finger. Listening to her scream I felt my erection grow stronger and longer so I placed the rat back in his cage and locked him tight.


  I grabbed a baseball bat from Hannah’s closet and bashed it repeatedly into Hannah’s ribcage. Her ribs bruised almost immediately. I saw Hannah’s ribs crack and shift to the right under the skin. The blood poured out of her mouth as I watched the woman’s eyes roll back into her skull. I raced down to the kitchen and grabbed a meat cleaver from the kitchen.


  I raced upstairs and I carefully sliced off the woman’s face and fashioned a mask out of it with needle and thread. I peeled off the dead girl’s panties as I forced myself inside the dead girl. I thrust myself inside and out of the dead girl’s vagina. Piss and blood and cum flowed from the dead girl’s vagina as I fucked her. I stared into the skeletal and bloody face of the dead girl as I ejaculated inside the dead girl. I grabbed the rat and I snapped its neck between my thumb and forefinger before slicing off the rat’s tail using the meat cleaver and shoving the tail down the dead woman’s throat.


  Every other month for over a year I dreamt about my crimes. I dreamt about hearing the bones cracking as I crushed that whore’s ribs with the ball bat and the feel of the dead rat’s chicken, bone like neck snapping between my fingers.  I am the antichrist in floppy shoes and clown makeup.


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