Doug Robbins

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 10, 2013


Doug attends Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio.
He has been published in various poetry publications like Poetry Quarterly or Inwood Indiana. He also has been published online like the Spinetinglers website and The Carnage Conervatory website.

Wild eyes stared through a kitchen window. A crazed man silently stood, statue like outside his victim’s house. The woman inside the warm house was named Maria Morales. The man outside was named Alex Sanchez. His spikey hair was black, the voyeur wore a mask over his face, and his boots were caked with mud. The mask Alex wore was made of a soft rubbery material that only covered three fourths of the psycho’s face. The mask was open at the mouth. The mask was designed to look like it was fashioned out of human skin. The rain poured all over the masked man’s head.

Seated across from Maria was her Aunt Rose who was confined to a wheelchair. Maria laughed as her Aunt Rose told her a joke about auto mechanics and how they are such con artists.

“I’m so glad you could visit me on my birthday.” Maria said. Aunt Rose wheeled herself over to her niece. Then Aunt Rose placed her hand over Maria’s and squeezed gently.

“I wouldn’t have missed my niece’s twenty first birthday for anything, dear.”

“I know Aunt Rose; you’re the only family I have left. Alex held a hatchet in his left hand. Then Alex cut the power.

“I’ll go check the fuse box” Maria said. She quickly hurried into the living room to find a flashlight. Once she found a flashlight, Maria ventured down into the dark creepy basement. Next the kitchen door slowly creaked open. Rose wheeled over to the door and reached for the doorknob. When Rose squeezed the doorknob, a hand grabbed Rose’s wrist. Rose screamed as Alex came into view. His outline was barely visible in the cold moonlight. Alex dumped the eighty year old Hispanic woman onto the floor. He tossed the wheelchair outside and locked the back door. Alex smiled behind the mask as he watched the elderly woman drag herself across the floor.
“Help me,” Rose screamed. Cruelly, Alex stomped on Rose’s neck; he heard her neck make an audible popping noise. She died instantly. Then Alex flipped the body over; he viciously hacked into the stomach and chest of his victim. He pulled out the woman’s heart and chest and carried them downstairs. The basement was dark, dank, and smelled musty.

Suddenly Maria heard heavy footsteps and a hatchet hit the cement floor of the basement. Maria races out of the circuit breaker room and gasps when she finds a bloody hatchet in the middle of the floor. Sinisterly Alex snuck up behind Maria; he dropped the heart to the floor before wrapping the intestines around Maria’s neck. She thrashed her arms and legs wildly as she struggled.

“I’m going to fuck your corpse!” Alex screamed. Finally Maria was dead. Maria’s body fell to the floor in a cold dead heap. Alex placed the heart in the dead woman’s lap. He ripped off his mask and tossed it to the floor. Alex bent down and kissed Maria’s lips.

“You stole my heart, sweetheart,” Alex whispered in the dead girl’s ear. Alex left his mask next to the corpse. However he picked up the hatchet and climbed up the basement steps. He shut the basement door behind him when he exited the basement. Just any gentleman would.


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