Drew Gates

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 21, 2013


You won’t find Mr.Gates at writers festivals, writers retreats or applying for an art grant. He is much too busy writing to do what amounts to mutual masturbation. Currently working on his fourth book, in his spare time he sings in a punk band and dreams of a world covered in psychedelic bat shit and AIDS.”

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The Orgy

When I came to, Johnson was still pumping away at the little blond cunt on the couch who was damn near comatose from an all night fucking. The others lay where they had passed out, many were in collapsed sexual positions – fucking until the moment oblivion overtook them. I looked down and noticed that John Thursday was still standing to attention, thanks to Johnson and his little blue pills. The night before, Johnson  turned up just as the MDMA fuelled orgy was winding down. Like a priest at communion, he started handing out Viagra and ice and the blissed-out group sex scene was quickly replaced by a savage, endurance based gang bang.

April slammed open the toilet door and steadied herself with both arms outstretched in the doorway. She was naked and soaking wet, her crazy eyes darting from side to side. I figured she was about 22 – old enough to know how to handle a prick but young enough to be taught some new tricks. She was the only one in the room with hair on her cunt, which made it look like a woman’s fig rather than a little girl’s apricot. Hairy and pink with a sweet little stink, as we used to sing in the schoolyard. She spotted Johnson bopping away on the couch and ran over and grabbed him roughly by the shoulders.

“Get off that damned bitch!”

She threw him to the floor, straddled him and pinned his face down by sitting on it. The blond Johnson had been fucking turned over and went to sleep.

“Fuckin’ eat it!” April shrieked as she did her best to suffocate him.

I watched with interest and thought that there definitely were worse ways to go out than death by cunt. I didn’t lift a hand to help him, figuring that this was his just desserts. Eventually, he managed to squirm free and, grabbing his pants, yelled “that bitch is insane!” as he made for the door.  Then April spotted me and stalked across the carpet on all fours. Her unblinking eyes were fixated on John Thursday and I was certain she was going to bite him off. I decided a pre-emptive strike was the best course of action and as she reached out a clawed hand towards John Thursday, I leapt from the couch and darted behind her. Before she knew what in the hell was going on, I spat on her asshole and entered her. The beautiful whore took it up to the hilt and started muttering obscenities. John Thursday wriggled into her rectum and filled her up. He was completely numb from all the cunt friction of the night before and in a painful state of priapism, but I knew it was vital to keep the crazy cunt satiated.  April started making a demented snoring noise as I pounded her raw. I realised that she was most likely in a vicious state of drug psychosis and should be dealt with the utmost caution. While her ass was plugged she was satisfied, but I knew that as soon as I withdrew, I would be in grave danger.

I noticed that the unconscious men strewn around the room were also in a state of priapism.  One of the guys was passed out on his back quite nearby and he gave me a marvellous idea. I grabbed April by her ankles, lifted her up and did the wheelbarrow with her in the guy’s direction. It was quite an effort; holding her ankles, fucking her asshole and walking simultaneously – a bit like patting your head whilst rubbing your stomach. My hard work paid off though when she spied the guys prick. Immediately, she scrambled off and John Thursday came out of her asshole with a satisfied pop. As I put my pants on, I wondered what was going through her empty little head as she arranged two fellows in such away so that their pricks were touching. The crazed glint in her eye told me I didn’t want to stick around to find out and I made for the door.


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