“Emily” by Dick Hard

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 17, 2013

I am an Alien, with a green card. Originally from The Netherlands. Have lived in South Africa, Switzerland and now some thirty years in the USA. Yes, I am an old fart. I write for fun and have been published, most recently in the Soundings Literary Review, summer 2012. I also self published a couple of volumes of short stories.

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When age is catching up, youth always appears lovely, desirable and longed for. Even young people that are rejected by their peers will still be attractive. We only see the youth and ignore the minor defects and blemishes, such as, excess of girth or the smallness of breasts. What are pimples to me in comparison to my wrinkles and slight potbelly? I can easily overlook them.

I did just that when I met Emily, flatchested, pimply Emily. She attended a class I gave on dog training. Most of the students had brought a dog. I always use my two standard poodles as examples of well trained animals and Emily brought her poodle. Mine are cole black, hers is snow white. There was an immediate connect. I noticed her insecurity. She made great efforts to hide her face behind her hair and hands. Her dog, Mandy, was well behaved and Emily, smart and quick to learn. Both, she and her dog moved with balance and grace. Emily had great legs and a pert little butt.

After the second class was over, she lingered while her Mandy romped with my boys. My older guy, Ripple, in spite of being neutered, showed some intense sexual interest in Mandy. As he was trying to hump her, she blushed, her pimples turning purple. Poor thing. I just laughed and said, “Don’t worry, he is neutered, but he instinctively recognizes a pretty girl. Like mother, like daughter.”

“You mean . . .?”

“Yes. I mean you are very pretty and as an experienced old guy, you can trust my judgment. You are attractive and very sexy.”

The pimple on her forehead was about to explode and feeling rather sorry for her, I walked over. She aroused me and while I adjusted my oncoming erection with my left hand, I hugged her loosely and said, ‘Shall we let our dogs get acquainted a little better? I live nearby and I’ll make us all some dog chow. We might wash that down with a glass of wine. How about it?”

She looked up at me, smiled and said, “I want you to know that Mandy has a highly refined taste. Her lines go back to the old country, France, and she will not eat fast food.”

“In that case, lets go pick up a bottle of French wine. You might want to leave your car here and I’ll bring you back after we have eaten.”

The five of us piled into my little Prius. Other than some instructions for the three dogs, nothing much was said on the way to my place, but someway the sexual tension was palpable. My painful hard-on, was trying to breach my tight undershorts and I was wondering how I could hide my condition without embarrassing myself, once we arrived at my place.

I parked the car outside the garage and busied myself with the dogs that started romping around the yard as soon as they were released from the confines of the car. Emily and I both played with them for a while and the physical activity helped to temper my bloated dick into a more manageable form, for now.

We fed the dogs, poured ourselves a glass of Bordeaux and after I popped a pizza in the oven, we all ended up on the couch together. My dogs would normally not think of getting on there, but somehow they sensed that these were special circumstances. It was a total mix-up of bodies. Attempting to shake off a couple of sixty pound poodles that were lying on top of me I ended up with the back of my head on Emily’s thigh and looking up noticed that her nipples under her thin shirt were as erect and pointing. As I touched them lightly she grabbed my hand and pressed it against her little tits, the nipples begging to be kissed.

I got up from the couch and convinced the dogs to spend some more time in the yard. On my return she had not moved from the couch but sat there with her hands hiding her face. I gently moved them away and brushed my lips over hers. I then kneeled in front of her and unzipped her jeans. She lifted her butt a little, allowing me to remove them. Her panties came down at the same time. It surprised me to see that her pussy had been shaved with just a small tuft of reddish hair remaining above her clit.

I kissed that little thing and stuck my tongue in her tight cunt as far as I could. She gently pushed the back of my head and then groaned, “Please be careful, I am a virgin, please don’t hurt me!”

I did not. During the following twenty minutes I gradually brought her to a pitch of readiness. After she was starting to really get wet, I turned her over with her knees on the carpet and leaning over the seat of the couch. I slipped on a condom and very slowly and gently entered her in little increments, until I was fully inside her. To delay my orgasm as long as possibly, I moved as little as I could, but then it was she who started to move rhythmically and I knew I was going to lose this endurance test.

And I did. Both of us came at the same time with an intensity I had seldom experienced before. That night there was no need to go outside to see stars.

Our pizza was waiting and after we had devoured it, I took her by the hand and led her to the shower, a shower large enough for activity other than cleansing the body. I peeled every stitch of closing off her and she helped me remove mine. Her skin, other than that of her face was alabaster white and smooth as satin with the slightest touch of silky fine hair on her arms and down the cleft between her buttocks. I don’t know why, but that really turned me on. My dick was hard and pointing up towards my navel. She thought that was funny and pulled him down to then release and have him jump up again like some mechanical toy.

I said, “Playtime is over. Now we get back to business, but this time you tell how you want it.”

“Without that rubber thing. I am not ovulating and it is safe. I want you to come inside of me. I want to know what that feels like. Please!”

Build into one of the corners of the shower is a small shelf and just at the right height too. I lifted her up and with her butt perched on the shelve, I raised her legs up with her feet on my shoulders. However, I then changed my mind. First things first. Before loving her again I wanted to eat her. Her come was dripping off her and delicious. I brought her close to orgasm by gently sucking her clitt that stood out like a miniature penis. When she started moaning I lifted her feet back onto my shoulders and very slowly, inch by inch entered her. I myself was so aroused by now that had I just shoved inside, I would have lost it there and then. For a while I just stood there with my dick all the way up to my balls inside her, taking great care not to move. The slightest friction would be too much. Gradually I gained control again and slowly started to pump her, taking care to slow it down every time we came close. I sensed she was totally in sync with me now. We kept it up for almost thirty minutes, building up the energy and the tension to a level that resemble agony. When at last we agreed it was time for the finale, she whispered in my ear, “Now. Fuck me now and put it all inside!”

And I did. She came screaming like a banshee. Afterwards we were so spent, all we could do was sit on the tile floor and giggle like a couple of kids.

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