Gwil James Thomas

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 13, 2013


Gwil James Thomas recently moved to London, England. He plans to continue to write until he has nothing left to say, which will probably be when he’s dead. At the time of writing this he has forthcoming work in Fiction 365, Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, Mungbeing Magazine and  The Flying Post (UK). His novel Captains of Sinking Ships is available in print here: He doesn’t have a blog or facebook account

They Came Across It Amongst The Blades of Grass

Naturally and without mercy the recently installed sprinkler system rained down on the ants. The heat had been hard enough but now a flow of water collected and moved over the gradients in the red soil to form a series of rapids, carrying and disbanding the ants amongst the blades of grass.

Two ants in particular found themselves washed up much away from the group. One of them took it upon himself to take on the role of leader. They’d redirect themselves to the rest of the colony in no time. The pair continued a little further, until they came across it amongst the blades of grass – a beer bottle glistening under the summer sun. It couldn’t have even been there that long. Curious they crawled inside the bottle. Outside the partly smeared label of the upturned bottle boasted: ONE OF GERMANY’S MOST POPULAR DRAUGHT BEERS.

The leader took it upon himself to sample the liquid. Then he sampled it again and again, until they were both drinking upon the dregs. Where had it come from? Where did the time go? They continued to bathe in it, with the questions continuing to arise – what if the others found it? This could change everything. Outside it would soon be dark, which would bring its own share of problems.



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