Henri PLonk

by Horror Sleaze Trash on November 2, 2013


My name is Henri PLonk, im 25 and despite being crippled with dyslexia all I do and or want to do is write. very little else can hold my interest. I live in a one hill, dead donkey town they call a city full of either the mega rich or the totally homeless. to make ends meet I do just about any job that doesn’t require me to think. and that’s about it for me. www.henriplonk.blogspot.com

My wifes sister

It was at my wifes funeral that her sister first let me put my tongue in her mouth. Up until then i had always been faithful as stone, maybe i had not been a good husband, lazy, a bastard and often drunk, but always faithful. I had always wanted to be. But my wife had been giving off signs, signs that she had found a better cock somewhere else, signs that where i was as faithful as rock i was also as immovable as one also, that if it could have been easily done i would have been gotten rid of. Swept up with the dry and dead leaves and burnt in a pile. But i loved her, i loved her and held onto her like a dieing man might do with his last breath.

So how did i end up intwined with my sister in law? Well the man, the man that my suspicions had always fallen down onto, the man i believed to be wifes lover, someone she had worked with once upon a time and had continuously run into time and time again over the years, this fat balding, sales man sat in the row behind me, sniveling the whole time through the serves as though it were his own wife up there in the wooden box. And then as the curtain was closed over my wife the blubbering fool let out such a whimper and a cry i had no doubt left in my mind that he was in fact my wifes fancy man. A tear came to my eye as i realized that as i held her hand upon her death bed she would have wished it to be him instead, the tea colored salesman who ate a full english every morning.

It was at that moment decided i would have revenge on the both of them, as i looked down at my shoes and court site of my wifes sisters nylon clad legs next to my own i felt a flutter in my pants and new just what i would do.

At the wake i didn’t take my eyes off of my sister in law, i watched her walk up and down the room thanking everybody for coming and wiping her snotty nose on a white handkerchief. She had always been a beautiful woman but some how through all of the despair she had grown every bit more beautiful. I thought of the angels in heaven crying as they looked down as the Crucifixion happened under their feet. From the bar i watched it all, a glass in my hand, the whiskey working on melting the ice.

After an hour or so the mourners started to depart, leaving behind a mess of empty plates and chairs pulled out from under tables. My sister in law excused her self and i knew it was my chance. When i entered the lady’s bathroom i found her standing in front of the large mirrors and wiping the tears away from her eyes. She looked at me confused and a little embarrassed as though she thought i had made a mistake. She opened her mouth to talk but before the words had chance to come my tongue was in her throat holding them down. One hand drunkenly grabbing at her ass and pulling her in close while the other ran through her hair. With in seconds my face stung as she slapped me with a strength that to look at her you wouldn’t think she had. Shoving me against the sink she ran from the room.

I looked at my self in the mirror, staring into my own yellow and rotting eyes and i wondered when and if the guilt would come. But i didn’t have to long to think about it as to my surprise the bathroom door flung open, my sister in law standing there. This time it was her tongue in my mouth, her leg wrapped around me pulling me in close to her warm body.



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