Henri PLonk

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 8, 2013


My name is Henri PLonk, im 25 and despite being crippled with dyslexia all I do and or want to do is write. very little else can hold my interest. I live in a one hill, dead donkey town they call a city full of either the mega rich or the totally homeless. to make ends meet I do just about any job that doesn’t require me to think. and that’s about it for me. www.henriplonk.blogspot.com

Angel at the bus top

She wore a white vest top. Her breasts swelling underneath and pulling the thin cotton tight. Her bra could be seen as its bright colors broke through the white. Figure hugging jeans of a faded blue color covered her legs. They were so tight it looked as though she had been dipped naked into a pot of pale blue ink. Every curve and bump, every muscle and indentation could be seen. And her tiny feet sat in red tennis shoes.

It had been so hot for so long, the sun had chased me out of my flat. It sat in the sky and baked the earth and its people too. I knew i shouldn’t have left the flat or even my room. I knew in doing so i was risking more trouble. But inside i was suffocating. So as i walked the streets, mostly with my eyes pointed down at my boots that was when i saw her, standing alone and beautiful at a bus stop. Her bag helled close to her side and those strange little white earphones plugged into her head. The first i noticed of the breeze was when i saw it lifting her perfect blond hair. It was the color of bleached hay and came down to rest on her shoulders. She looked to be some where between the ages of 13 to 15, but no younger and no older. As i followed the path i was walking i knew i was going to have to pass her. Panic gripped my heart and a flame burnt my loins. For a person of my mind set and a man of my condition it is often a real danger to see some body on the out side that reminds you of somebody on the inside. As i got closer my head got light and my legs weak. I no longer felt as though i was walking but in fact flouting. The fear that i would come falling to earth at any moment became very real. In the 20 seconds it tuck for me to approach her, to pass her, and then to movie away from her i tuck not a single breath. As her eyes met my own i felt my body break, everything splintered and fell away.

I got no more than five feet away from her when my body stopped. I did what i could to keep walking but nothing happened. “i” as a person seised to exist. I became a compulsion. A sinful, savaged but yet innocent and animal like compulsion. Before i knew what was happening i had turned on my heels retraced the five feet that stud between me and the thing i desired and had fallen upon the girl. My hands grabbing at her hips i tried to rest my head on her shoulder, placing butterfly kisses upon her neck and breathing in the sent of her hair. It couldn’t have lasted more that 30 seconds before i was wrestled off and away from the girl by good Samaritans passing us by. I was then held down and rightfully so delivered into the hands of the police. The angel at the bus stop escaped any real harm, other than suffering the embarrassment and trauma of my groping hands. I was once again reminded of why i must be contained in my flat and alone in my room.



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