Honest to the point of being a liar.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 20, 2012

Whelp, its here and ready to be flogged. The new collection of work, a sequel of sorts to Ben John Smith’s last collection of stream of consciousness and textual shit smearing- “Self Satirized Anxiety”. Although, my friends, this time we got lucky. Inside the pages of my dribble you will find the true brilliance of my mate Kane Melbourne’s (Tattooist and all round artist dude) paintings. Images handdrawn by the mad man him self in response/correlation to his interpretation from sections of the writing. A real collaboration of text and visuals, including the coloured front page and limited run of 56 first time copies. The book is currently available from Polyester Books. Introduction by front man Willis Gordon. There will be a further press and as promised all Australian copies will be shipped out for free – just email me your address and ill fire you a copy. For you over seas creeps im going to need a funky letter with a return address and i promise you a book in its return. Usual snail mail address (HST: PO Box 806 Tullamarine 3043 VIC AUSTRALIA).

Kane Melbourne can be found on his Facebook and can be contacted here

Ben John Smith can be found on his facebook and can be contacted here

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