Ian Summerfield.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 30, 2013

North Korean Teenage Lesbian Porn-Addicted Evil Toilet Sextard Daughters (NKTLPAETSDs).

Ian Summerfield. © 2013.

Short Story. Literary Fiction. Experimental. Social Media. Erotic. Gonzo. Horror. 4,770 Words. 18+.


“She is like a bee drunken by honey.”


North Korea Porn (NKP).

North Korean Gulags, Social Media, Porn and Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chicks (NNKTLCs) having a Super-sized Gangbanging Squirting Bukkake Snuff Shower in a public toilet together in worship of their religion of 1970s Swedish, Danish and sleazy English Teen porn movies and their stars like Tiny Tove. An Amphetamine fuelled 50-girl dildo and strap-on cunt licking, cunt slapping, cunt squirting, cunt pissing, cunt fishing, anal fishing girl-cum-liquid tsunami of malnourished lithe and hairless late-teen bodied Teenage Korean Lesbian, Porn-Addicted Evil Toilet Sextards (TKLPAETSDs) tasting each other’s flesh and drinking each other’s cunt juice, saliva, urine and sweat and all on heroin and all cumming for hours together, all with well fed mouths and throats and all with full stomachs and then all sleeping together in a shallow wide pile of sticky naked teenage girls legs spread apart and naked from the waist down.

The Gulag was like a small town, their town. It even had a town centre, streets, small buildings and a park. The Gulag was their home town and wherein all their lives were spent. The teens had a name for their town; they called it “Sex Toilet Town”. It was a small town built on an industry of mass homicidal sexual violence. Army elite breeding a population to skin to death. A town where imprisoning, humiliating, sexually assaulting, bashing and killing whole families was like cheap candy for the Gulag guards, their families and party officials and there was so much candy! The teenage girl inmates all dreamed that one day a nuclear bomb would fall out of the sky glowing heat like the Sun, and drop on “Sex Toilet Town” and just instantly free them all into eternal and painless unconsciousness.

And this is the story of some North Korean Teenagers living in “Sex Toilet Town”, a Gulag and living there now, today, Two-Thousand-and-Thirteen. 21st Century Ginsberg. Meth Pinter. Anti-Middle-Class. Heroin. Dead Prose.



The girl’s temporarily carnal satisfaction and exhausted euphoria post-Bukkake helped them to become unconscious. All to sleep before expecting in the morning they could expect to be die of starvation, tortured like a plaything, be murdered, raped and raped to death or spend another day waiting to die in their freezing North Korean gulag where they had been born and raised in the gulag among a whole family of many whole families there and all to mothers who were first to die and now long dead. Their orphaned children forced to eat sewage, being forced to poison to death other children or to be forced to take small children to a butcher’s to be cut up and eaten, forced to watch The Big Bang Theory and say in a loud voice that is a funny show and that you like it and think it is actually good. Anally crippled for life.

“You passed away, I’ve tried to cope. You’re always on my mind. I’m not having a good time, tears flow from my face, often they come with that salty taste. Thoughts flash in my mind, like I’ve gone back in time, You seem so real, until I try to feel, I lose you again. Tears flow, time slows, I’m stuck here, can’t seem to clear my mind. To look ahead feels wrong, like an unfinished song. No matter how hard I try words I can’t find to express my loss of you. You were not one of two, we were one. Now I am half of you. Miss you always.”


So the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chicks (NNKTLCs) use heroin, Ketamine, Acid, Amphetamines and anti-depressants in their daily Hyperbolic Bukkake Rites to put off death for another day, perhaps avoid being bloodily anally raped with a freshly severed arm and made to be fucked by very old men and by dogs by the guards or by their mothers and children who visit the gulag just for fun and raped like these day in day out for years until they learn to truly love the sex, blocking out their horror with long and frequent desperate orgasms.

They have their North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick’s Girl-on-Girl-Anal-Cum-Piss-Orgies (NKTLGoGACPOs) to avoid being burned alive, to avoid starving, to avoid insomnia amid nightmares or to avoid Google-Plus or to avoid having to watch your children, brothers, sisters and parents killed like diarrhoea before you and others cooking and eating their flesh with some also using it for sex and masturbation – the cheeks of  dead loved ones being used by wanking very old and diseased men  as a type of hand-held meat vagina other using part of dismembered and gutted children and messy in-part sex toys, like small blow-up sex dolls filled with blood, fat, skin, meat and piss made of torsos, hips, arms, necks and head. Packs of violent gulag guards and packs or dirty old men non-stop mass sexually abusing prisoners.

Scores of dying teenage girls being fucked, torn and gagged to death by very old skinny men all chronically pus-blistered chronically skin diseased and all of them life long paedophilic mass murderers and all now elderly English Premier and European football club-owning billionaires who got rich by producing low-budget beheading videos for the internet and the Ironman movies. They like to make dementia-ridden old women be fucked in their mouths by donkeys who themselves are anal fisted up to the shoulder by young naked North Korean girls all naked and all kissing each other deeply whilst they abuse the animal before finally pouring petrol all over the donkey and setting it alight whilst it is fucked up its arse by a Naked North Korean Teen Chicks (NNKTLCs) wearing a fire-protective suit.

Chained by the neck naked in a public park as free community sex toys for old men. Made a chronic heroin addict and learning to truly love the sex. Dying there in front of their mothers. Failing their children. Their crying eyes the last sight. Installing the total sentiment as a Facebook App. Not caring. Secured browsing not supported.


Robert Downey-Junior is actually a woman with a vagina and breasts surgically removed and on high doses of make hormones. His, her beard is implants as is his Adam’s Apples and bicep and other muscles.

There is apparently some rare leaked late 1990’s low-light video camera footage going round on the internet of a younger Robert Downey Junior wearing a dress, like a white dress with patterns of red roses, a white bow at the waist and with Downey wearing a two ponied tailed brunette wig with two long pony tails at the middle on each side of the head and wearing no undies but knee-high white socks and white running sneakers and also wearing a pastel coloured headbands and loose a singlet bearing the Club Seventeen logo and wearing no undies and spreading his/her legs and rubbing his vagina, fingering his/her vagina and putting power-tool like metal dildos up his/her arse with these dildos also connected to a slight electrical charge which caused him/her pain but exhilaration to his/r rectum, The video then shows Downey Junior’s naked father enter the room and then fucking Downey Junior up his arse and cumming inside him then video shows the dress wearing Downey Junior bashing his elderly mother mainly to the face, stomach and kidneys and shows him holding her up from collapsing and just punching her hard in face, breaking teeth and bones, ripping off skin, popping out eyeballs that hung down from their red sockets from thin pink cords to hear cheeks, the video then shows a naked Downey Junior and his naked father both squatting over and defecating into the mouth and onto the face of Downey Junior’s mother has she lay on her back semi-conscious on the floor unable to move,  Downey Junior’s father is heard to say that they won’t kill her this time but let her heal up so as they can do it to her again and again. Then the video ends.


“Eternity has to be so attractive. To sleep under the sweet ground, next to the blades signaling supreme to a face, and heed to nothing. To have no past but no future. To erase passing, to redeem breath, to be asleep.”

Pornography, incest, orgies and glory-holes were the only way for teenage girls to survive in the North Korean Gulag.

To become a Teenage Girl Global Bukkake Holocaust Survivors (TGGBHS).

To make public sex, wife car park dogging sex, early 1970’s German pornographic magazines and movies a global religion.


Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chicks (NNKTLCs) Korean Teenage girls sharing and living off of each other’s swapping of their cunt juices, saliva and piss along with eating the bits of rotten vegetables, broken candles, dead rats and eating their only peeling flesh, pus and scabs. Korean teenage girls, hardcore lesbians who just love eating out their BBF’s cunt and they also like to make porno videos of themselves being gangbanged by groups of older men at time. In a motel room with a shaved pussy. They also used to enjoy letting schoolboys line up take turn at fingering their pussies in exchange for twenty cents each boy; underneath a bridge somewhere on the way from school. To each boy they would whisper:

“I will love you forever, always; as I promised.

All else that I do is a lie.

All else that I am, is nothing.”


They also enjoyed making friends with some shy girl at school and then introducing them to hardcore pornography, drugs like amphetamines, Viagra and weed and then engaging the teen in hard, dirty, evil sex and overtime getting her to enjoy making solo porn videos of herself and then onto with men and groups of men and the final move of the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick (NNKTLC) would be to persuade her to start having hardcore taboo porno sex with her Dad and his pastime in getting her to have group sex with stranger older men and other teenage girls and adult women and all filmed and uploaded to amateur porn websites from which the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick (NNKTLC) proffering up of the innocent and tight bodied teen to old men for gutter sex and gross humiliation and making a porn film to sell earns a worldwide multi million dollar income for her which she spends on heroin, other drugs, orgies and paying people to rape beached whales and then get dogs to chew on them. If the teen girl did not respond positively and reliably the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick (NNKTLC) would give her a large dose of the drug GBH as well as some crushed valium in strong rum and then just fuck the shit out of the slut with a hard bright red penis moulded strap-on dildo which also had another dildo behind which anchored deep inside the cunt of the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick (NNKTLC) and which fucked her sweetly up and down as she fucked the younger teen spread out under neath her. Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick (NNKTLC) then stood the teen girl up and bent her over a table and fucked her anally before getting the girl to kneel down with her face close the cunt of the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick (NNKTLC) who masturbates frantically and semi-violently until she cums and starts squirting sweet cunt juice from deep in her cunt all over the face of the younger teen girl who was in a drugged-up stupor unable to think or act and to only be so fully used that she was owned. Like an animated or real living late teen’s sexy Asian sex doll, or sex toy or a sex toy doll slave with real flesh and a real vagina and real breasts and real cunt juices who can be used as a real-life hardcore taboo porn star by circulating her through a network very quiet and secretive older men who used her up for countless disgusting, degrading, naughty and dirty barely legal school girl slut from the late 1970s or early 1980s VHS low-resolution days. When glossy, high quality printed European porn magazines were still around and bought from adults bookstores and one had to rip it out of its clear plastic envelope first. All sorts of hardcore, taboo, dirty, slutty and wilful sex Like groups of men fucking a heavily pregnant woman outside on a golf course and cumming her over her cunt and belly and making creepy remarks about the unborn baby so close in proximity to it all. Also porn mags showing large, bright, glossy close-up photos of the most beautiful chicks and their cunts and being their gangbanged characters and just so always utterly willing to play the porn slut daughter role, always smiling, always corrupting herself, lecherous looks,  leering and grinning like Kylie Minogue, teen girls turned Evil Sex Victims (ESVs) who would have any sex, sex with their grandfathers, dirty Lolita porn sex with priests and church leaders, sex with men in the bushes at nudist beaches, sex with drunken homeless men in a park, taking her into aged nursing homes and letting the senile, decrepit and barely alive very old men just molest her at their will slowly and disgustingly and not being to able to get erect his release was to piss out cum mixed with urine into her mouth to swallow down with a big, big smile on her face and he laughing at her. Often, afterwards, most of these want to be able to bash and injure the girl as well and many do as well as finally slowly drowning her to death in a bath. Holding her head under until she’s unconscious but not dead yet then lifting her out and waiting for her to regain consciousness before again almost drowning her, waking her up and doing it again and again and again for twelve hours which he could do because he was on a mixture of amphetamines, Ketamine and these quite heavy anti-depressant which sometimes made his body feel so weak and heavy yet warm and cosy as though his was sleeping in a soft warm bed whilst it was darkly clouded outside with heavy rain falling all day and which gave him weird lucid dreams and episodes of intense and confronting Sleep Paralysis which he meant he cruised through all the gross dirty sex which he had crafted the real-life actress into performing on cue him without having to have a present state of mind to realize the fantasy was real. As though the ghost of an Anis Nin short story had hypnotized him.

Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chicks (NNKTLCs) also liked to have sex with their friend’s dads. They then would encourage the daughters to start having sex with her dad and other men. Just like their in their native culture of the gulag.


At the end of it all, the content of the paragraph above, saw the man dead within six months via a drug overdose suicide and she grew up and lost the beauty of all youth and became ugly quickly, the shining her fresh bud sexuality had gone out. Her cunt would be loose, her cunt juice sour and fish like, her arse loose and droopy, her rectum prolapsed, she cannot have babies now, and her breasts become like sagging, wrinkled rubber bags under filled with water. And not just her body but her mind and personality begin to show and you learn that she is, really, a pretty fucking dumb chick, no education, a low IQ, knows nothing about anything, moronic, evil person who is also lazy in the house and shithouse cook. She hates porn too, or so she says but I know if she was on high doses of amphetamines, acid, ketamine and weed and still awake after two or three days she would love to be fucked whilst indulging the viewing of hi-def, large flat-screen porn made just last week in Europe and who would love to be taken to an anonymous sex club where she could be fucked by twenty to thirty strange men and have their twenty to thirty cocks into her mouth, one, two, three, four cocks in her mouth and face at a time all whilst leaning spread leg sitting atop the cock of a strange older man beneath her who soon finishes and cums inside her mouth while the other men ooh and arr and the sight whilst uttering remarks like “She’s a good girl!” or “Asking her over “Are you a good little girl sweetheart? Are you my little whore and my little slut? To which she’d answer sweetly “Yes”, Yes I am” or things like “Yes, I do like it” or getting her into the idea of him sharing her with lots of men for the sake of making porn and money and also experiencing primordial sapient, dark, voyeuristic real-life pornographic sex but the cream on the top of it her was her being such a true and zealous convert. She was just like one of those just 18 teens in one of those slutty, spread legged, always willing to fuck girls who are always caught masturbating to a porno mag before being busted by their uncle or brother or brothers or brothers and brothers friends or my her German Inzest dad. Again the just below knee height white cotton socks, pigtails, Club Seventeen singlet and headband, one or two other porn teens on heroin lingering over the fucking and sucking. She was fully corrupted and early and enjoyed it early one “It feels good” she used to say back then “You can keep going if you like” and it was around this time she first became to come and once she experienced this she just wanted to live the multiple cock socking, fucked and cum swallow amateur group sex and accompany porn video making of these events, she wanted to skip school to go to a beach or a park and let some previously lurking and lustfully cunning men molest her fuck her and cum in her mouth, men would take turns with her whilst the rest watched or stuck their dicks in her mouth, they were gentle and they all laughed and chatted to her in a dirty way calling her a dirty slut and little whore and again saying things like “She’s a good girl”, She’s a good little girl”, “She likes that!?” all drained their cum in turns into her mouth and down her throat where it filled her belly. Soon she would learn about anal using small then bigger and bigger dildos and vibrators up her arse with tubs of lube too and getting her to wear a butt plug to help relax and release the muscles of her anus so she could comfortable and pleasurably take a grown man’s hard erect cock up it and soon she was, when once all horny, lubed up and masturbating, fucked in her cunt a bit, she was obviously able to take a man’s cock, some of the dildos she was using were bigger and longer than their cocks anyway. And so instead of him being the one to take her anal virginity he arrange for three old men to take turns anal fucking her in a motel room somewhere which he did saying at the time “I want to see her fucked up the arse for the first time by some dirty older strange man she doesn’t even know at all.” He filmed it all and it all went well and she loved it all and fell into in kind of hypnotised trance in which she let the men play with her body as those she was a butterfly. And soon after this she added her desire to be pissed on by all the men during and after the fucking and coming; she would also piss on them too. She even loved them pissing directly into her mouth for her to gulp down, her mother’s boyfriend was there too scared and guilty but there still. She did end up making some decent money in some decent pornos, she used to like working long shifts in glory hole sex clubs sucking dozens of strange older men penises and having them come in her mouth, face and over her ponytails. She was a good girl. She went to the U.S. and made good money in porn their including producing and directly so she was set for life and still has free and commercial sex for the fun of it, she likes being a slut, she loves that instant of euphoric sexual thrill which brings on an instantaneous complete abandonment of non-sexual inertia for utter wilful wantonness, wanting to be outside naked, spread, contorted and open, doing something evil, being naughty girls who let lots of stranger older men she doesn’t even know fuck her. She gives that dirty grin and look of the eyes as too silently acclaim her willing compliance in their shared state of taboo like incest and rudeness and depravity. She had been the one who set him up by learning where he kept his DVD porn stash and dildos and vibrators and digital camera and she would rearrange his collection so as he could only know she was  the one responsible meaning she has looked at the pornos and there all teen pornos. He did act or say anything until next she used the digital camera to take some self snaps of her naked, legs spread wide with her opening her pussy wide, bending open and all that shit,. She even record a couple of brief videos of her on her back naked and rubbing her cunt and moaning and seeming to call him once or twice, And her final move was to be just at his computer room, in full view with the door left open and watching one of his hardcore euro teens DVDs  and knowing he was staying just beyond the door where he could see her and hear her she removed her undies, lifted up her short skirt, lifted up her T-shirt to reveal her fine breasts and then she leaned back in the high backed office chair and spread her legs out as wide as she could and started masturbating. She produced one of his dildos and a vibrator roo she had also taken from his porn stay and she lubed herself up and inserted up her cunt and up her ass cumming after a few minutes at point she moaned his name and half-opening her eyes some moments long enough to know he knew he was watching her and that was okay and she went back to masturbating. He crept inside the room and whispered to her “Do you want me to see do you sweetheart?” Yes” she said meekly. And he did watch her, got up next to her and over her fingering her open cunt and coming before his very eyes. He said “It’s very beautiful, can I touch it sweetheart? She smiled, nodded and whispered “Yes”. He touched her and felt her over. Then she spoke his name and asked if I could have sex with, fuck her and that I could cum in her mouth and over her face. Again she said my name and then “Please!” over and over “Please fuck me”, his name again, “Please fuck me! I really want you to fuck me. It’s alright I like being fucked and I like men’s cocks after looking at all the pornos, they make me want to let lots of men use me for sex, fuck me, cum in my mouth and make pornos of men!”  And he did fuck her and cum in her mouth and from then on they lived 24/7 dirty, taboo evil sex shit. But then again he did kill himself and her sense of time become very confused and she would consciousness would drift between long ago or now or into nothing. As she aged she missed being the star Lolita and her mood turned to using and corrupting teenage girls in the corruptive extreme. She wanted to hold a girls wide open for her so older men could taken turns fucking and then make sure none of their cum was lost and all going into her mouth. She liked to pull men off into her mouth and over her face. She also used to like licking out the cunts of women in their thirties and forties until they cum at big swinger orgies she would attend.


“She is like a bee drunken by honey.”


These girls, in their trance-like state of constant pre-eminent physical death giving head jobs and swallowing all the cum and drinking all the piss of the guards for some sustenance and also licking the old men’s anuses and eating their shit and being made to have anal, oral and cunt group sex with Islamists and also with strange animals like turtles, lemurs, tarsiers, large salamanders, capybaras, kangaroos, blind three-legged dogged, goats who had had 90% of their brain removed and then all sewn and co-joined together in groups of three, four and five and a lot of these goats had also had one or more legs amputated, some all four and all were furless and covered in fire scarred skin.

Made to have sex with the still-living heads of beheaded monkeys being kept alive chemicals and electricity long enough for them to be conscious of the teen chicks having to saw off the top of their skulls and slowly eat their exposed warm brains which turn the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chick (NNKTLC) girls insane so much so that they all just laughed hysterically like maniacal witches amid all this passive-aggressive compulsive public sexual abuse of living things and their holes, laughed when giving glory-hole blow jobs, when swallowing some strange older man’s cum, sex with mutilated dogs, Anal fisting up to their shoulders Siamese zombie goat twins, fucking rare animals making the teen girls feel the same way they felt when masturbating to high-definition hardcore gangbang anal bukkake, South Korean teen internet video porn and all of these prostituitive (sic) deeds done in exchange for the payment of some of the guard’s blood, half-a-pint, to drink as life-saving elixir.

The guards could get the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chicks (NNKTLCs) imprisoned for life in the gulag to do anything and everything they wanted from chronic sexual abuses but also to murder weak prisoners as entertainment, cooking children, organ donation, sacrifice of family members, anything for some blood for none of the gulag prisoners were ever fed instead forced to consume the piss, cum, saliva, shit, sweat and blood of others as a warm, salty and acrid tasting liquid diet only though many had cut off their own ears, noses, toes, and fingers to eat when in their deepest holes of starvation and having been so, so, so hungry they actually craved the taste and the bite of their own skin and flesh as well as the warmth caused by the utter pain before gleefully sliced off their extremities and ate them raw and some had even eaten entire legs above the knee, or one arm, a buttock cheek, a kidney, a lung or some lower bowel such was their rabid pleasure and others would sell the expendable parts of their bodies and receiving payment for these amputations of cigarettes or tobacco – the gulag’s number one and only currency.  In fact the ongoing history of North Korean and Sound Korea warlike polarization is an esoterically bound secret cigarette and tobacco war between the two.


So the Naked North Korean Teen Lesbian Chicks (NNKTLCs) become their Sister’s Fisters and to be fisted by their Fister’s Sisters, cum and anal. They wear dildos and fuck one another’s cunts, arseholes and mouths like the old men fuck them, And they and they piss in each other’s mouths and faces all just to try to survive in the gulag even though they know death would be better than their lives lived all in hope alone which the gulags guards would laugh at and say “Ha, a life lived in hope is the most agonizing and slowest of deaths!”





Ian Summerfield.

3 Pitt Avenue, Trevallyn, Tasmania, 7250.

Ph: +613-6327 4046 / 0422 720633.

Email: andotis@dodo.com.au

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