Jay Passer – Feature Novel.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 29, 2012

Passer born in negative space, California style, hating life from the dim age of nine, bespectacled, batting ninth in the little-league lineup. platooned to right.  Please!  Don’t this goof the damn ball!  Poets dream of worse childhood fates.  Buy his 2012 chapbooks from Crisis Chronicles Press and corrupt press, they are online oriented genius publications and you are a moron if you don’t support the arts.  Passer’s first novel, SQUIRREL, will be available from Pedestrian Press in the year 2013. 

An excerpt from the feature novel;

“I’m drinking rum in my room.  Chuck says get out of the room, go find a girl for god’s sake, carpe diem, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.  Go get yourself a fine-ass 250-euro whore.  My treat!

I’m U. S. Pacific Northwest underdressed, Hawaiian shirt, sandal-loafers, khaki pants of no distinguishable color or even recognizable hue, navy-blue billed cap with gold-stitched stars forming the Big Dipper and the North Star, and under that the word ALASKA in gold embroidery.  Tourist.  American tourist.  Marked!  I eat some cheese and bread and mussels in chile oil and carrot sticks and pork rinds procured from the Chinashop on Overtoon.  Taking it easy with rum and stink-bud from the hash-bar on Princedenstraat, where I e-mail stateside contacts, though I can barely see but for the clouds of smoke and my dirty glasses.  Internet access, espresso, Heineken, and drawers and drawers of bud, graded in several categories, cache in the back bar.  Reflection off the water in the channel, glistening silver-blue tinsel.  Eyes ache from the assault of Amsterdam.  Picturesque to every cobblestone.  Heartburn from diet of fresh baguette brie olives ham and rum and Scotch and golden beer and Gauloises.  Sure I’d be more willing to join the fray, say I had a damn scarf, or a decent jacket, but thanks to Chuck’s sage advice I kept my bedroll and rags to a bare minimum.

Naw, it’s moderate in Yerp this time of year, you don’t need shit. . . Be a man.  That’s Chaz, smile three Valiums wide.”

Read one of the better pieces of lit on the whole fucking internet right here . com

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