Karina Bush

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 2, 2013

The Knee-trembler

Karina Bush is a writer and artist bringing visions from the gutter and from ecstasy to life. She is currently working on a collection of tantric poetry due to be published this year and some black film pieces to accompany her short stories.

Little Chickenburger

Karina Bush

This old man hobbled around the block one day. He always looked in. He stopped and did the punter gawp. Fuck off. I smiled and went to the toilet. He waited for me. He was keen. I liked the worship in his eyes so I’d do it.

Dirty old man playtimes. I sucked my middle finger and put it into my panties. Grandpops couldn’t take his eyes off my crotch. Bad man. I brought him inside by the hand. I hovered over him like his whore from heaven. He was really fucking old and shrunk.

I took his crispy note. He couldn’t hear properly, the massive ears waggled about uselessly. He wanted to keep his jumper on. Good. He’d poked extra loops in his belt, he probably had cancer. Didn’t bother me. He had damp pants like a girl. He smelt like socks and homeopathy. His genitals were like a grubby old toothbrush. I held his saggy bony legs. I shouted ‘Hi Daddy’ onto his cock. It started to grow. He called me his little chickenburger. He looked at me with good man eyes. I got into it. I sucked him tenderly, with pity. I took off my bra for free.

During the fucking something changed in his eyes, his young man was there, and he was snarling, and he smelt like red meat. So I closed my eyes. I put my face in my armpit so I could smell myself. I got a vision from him. Through his cock. I saw in my eyes an old woman lying in a bed, facing out, and crying. She was really hurting. Beside her was this old man, he was masturbating, poisoning their marital bed, poisoning her. I wanted to hug her. Then I saw the old woman playing on a piano, playing out her feelings. Then I saw her crying in the kitchen, she had dropped a dinner plate and her mouth was droopy and the food was on the floor. This old man was beside her, screaming at her. She couldn’t raise her arm to protect herself. He was one evil cunt. I moaned. I saw the time he made her suck his dick when she was recovering from an operation. I saw her vomiting into the toilet, I saw her stitches tear. I saw them watching pornography together. I felt her clenches. I felt her sadness, it was her only feeling. I saw her holding a holy medal and looking at happy pictures. I heard her thoughts, her dark wishes. I took his sick love and prayed to God that he would die.

I opened my eyes. Did my cum noise. He did his agony cum, winced like he was passing a kidney stone. His tiny shitty body stiffened up. His eyes upturned all red and frazzled. Fuck. Was the cunt dying? I slid up off him and he flopped onto the bed. Fuck. I pulled the condom out of me, there was a blood plug in it. He was dead. Good. Bye bye you dirty old bastard. I hope Satan rapes you raw.


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